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It's been a really busy week so far. I've managed to roast a cauliflower which I've been curious about ever since I read a recipe a few years ago, but never gotten around to making, because, honestly, when do you buy full heads of cauliflower? Well, last week, there were purple and romanesque caulies for sale at the Farmer's Market, and so beautiful that I had to buy one of each. Turned out I couldn't find the recipe (I think it's one of Jennifer Patterson's) so I had to reconstruct it from memory and hints scavenged from cookery message boards.

Grand Roast Cauliflower

Take your Cauliflower, strip off the outer leaves and stem so that it stands upright in the dish. The dish should be lined loosely with foil, with another piece of foil to place loosely over the top. Using a sharp knife or your fingers, insert small pieces of hard cheese and unsmoked bacon into the cauliflower, until it is studded all over. Drizzle a litle olive oil over, cover loosely with foil and place in a hot oven (gas mark 8 seemed to work quite well -- you could probably cook it longer and slower, so long as you whacked up the heat for the final browning). After 45 minutes (half an hour if you're in a hurry) take out the caulis, baste with juices, then sprinkle with finely grated parmesan (I used some super-hard cheddar instead, which worked well) and breadcrumbs. Discard the foil and shove it back in for a further 20 minutes (10 if you're in a hurry). Serve cut into wedges, with something fairly plain (we had onion and herb mashed potato).

It'd be almost as good without the bacon I think, as long as you used a flavoursome cheese (or cheeses). Roast cauliflower, just like it says on the message boards, has an entirely different flavour from boiled or steamed, super-savory and very tasty. [---cut ends here---], phone a sister (and not the usual one!), mess up in band practice (that's the other half of artswap, in case anyone hadn't guessed), rescue a maiden in distress (geroge), finally replace my headphones and spend a fun commute-walk swiping seeds from other people's gardens. The ninja gardener lives!

I also, finally did the first (possibly also the last) of my tiny tea comics. You can see them in their full glory over on Flickr -- although the pictures below are a fair summary. That's a print run of ten sachets, just like it says on the box:

no! it's tiny tea comics! inside the tea-bag sleeve tiny tea comic

I'm not sure what I should sell them for -- rather more work's gone into them than my comics usually get, because of modifying the individual wrappings (which are from Teadirect Green Tea with cinnamon, btw). Just lining up the pages at that size is a bloody nightmare, although (on the bright side) they are very easy to staple. Anyway, it seemed a little teasish not to, so I've done an online version of the comic too:

a nice cup of tea - detail

Enjoy! With a nice cup of tea.

P.S. For anyone seething over that Forbes article, here's a brilliant satire: Nine Reasons You Should Marry a Career Bitch. Apparently there's a term for this now: blog-flogging. As in, "I'm sorry, I can't talk right now I'm right in the middle of giving [insert the name of your mosted journo here] a thorough blog-flogging."


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24th Aug, 2006 17:33 (UTC)
These are great!
Of course, I can't help having an industrious idea and ponder mass marketing opportunities. A new kind of 'Burma Shave' business venture. So how about it, become the next tea-comics mogol? :-)
25th Aug, 2006 10:47 (UTC)
Re: These are great!
what, do you think package them with a tea bag included? Different comics for different flavours? Tiny porn comics in the oolong and the lapsang souchong, stirring tales of tigers in the Assam, that sort of thing?
25th Aug, 2006 11:09 (UTC)
Re: These are great!
Ooooo...long! ;-) Otherwise, yes!
24th Aug, 2006 18:09 (UTC)
So cute! Love 'Exhausted'-face; Spot on.
25th Aug, 2006 10:49 (UTC)
Re: Coo!
Yeah, that one looks like me alright ....
24th Aug, 2006 18:51 (UTC)
I will buy the hell out of one, just name the price, girl.
25th Aug, 2006 10:51 (UTC)
hahaha! a SALE!
I shall price + sort out paypal later today mister xx
25th Aug, 2006 21:44 (UTC)
sorry about the price
Overseas postage keeps on going up. Details are here:

25th Aug, 2006 10:43 (UTC)
Ooh...tea and comics. A combination the world - dare I type it - HAS BEEN THIRSTING FOR!!!!
These look great, Jeremy!
(And I couldn't even read that Forbes article, it made me so mad.)
25th Aug, 2006 10:53 (UTC)
Oooh, is it a REFRESHING concept? (Forbes) I stuck to the parodies and avoided the original ...
25th Aug, 2006 12:31 (UTC)
Ha ha...you've heard it all before! I almost made a comment about a 'strong brew' - at least I spared you that! :)
Speaking of, I think I need more tea (Clipper Green, the cheapo one in the pretty box)....oh, and yes, I recommend sticking to the parodies, if only to save yourself the torment of looking at the photo of the original article's author. The parodies come illustrated with amusing angry women and pretty high heels. And pizza pies! The original - sad thing, with only a smug frat boy to adorn. No! No! Stay pure, Jeremy! You are too much of an aesthete to suffer so.
25th Aug, 2006 20:46 (UTC)
Ohmigod, I love them. Am ... I allowed to buy one?
25th Aug, 2006 21:45 (UTC)
as a resident in a capitalist society
You always have the right to buy more things. Details here:

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