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tiny tea comics may indeed be bought

Tiny tea comics. Comics individually wrapped in tea-bag sachets. In this case, a comic called (a nice cup of) tea, individually wrapped in a Teadirect green tea with cinnamon sachet. You may purchase this object of wonder (teabag not included) for a mere £3 (UK residents), £3.50 (rest of europe) or $7 (US types/rest of world), postage included. Swaps are fine, of course -- email cleanskies @ yahoo.co.uk to arrange.

That paypal button is probably best supplemented with an email giving me your current correct address.

You can read the contents from my previous post and see samples of the merchandise below.

no! it's tiny tea comics! inside the tea-bag sleeve tiny tea comic


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25th Aug, 2006 22:00 (UTC)
These are great!!! You are so wildly creative. :)
25th Aug, 2006 22:01 (UTC)
Done and looking forward to it.
(Deleted comment)
26th Aug, 2006 10:00 (UTC)
I was just going to ask the same thing! I'd love to buy them.
26th Aug, 2006 11:23 (UTC)
How remis of me --
A European price! Which is £3.50.
26th Aug, 2006 11:23 (UTC)
a little less
£3.50 for europe
26th Aug, 2006 17:42 (UTC)
Hoorah! My up-to-date address was in the delivery info, so I hope that's ok.
27th Aug, 2006 15:09 (UTC)
29th Aug, 2006 09:54 (UTC)
Nice !
If you fancy sending me a copy for review on the Bypass LJ I'll send some of my little 'zines in exchange... ? Address is on the main page at bypasszine.
29th Aug, 2006 12:55 (UTC)
Re: Nice !
Oh certainly, yes, very happy to. Look out for a very small envelope ...
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