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ladies who launch

A short housekeeping post of sorts.

Further to the rocket vs. airship shenanigans of last weekend, damiancugley has youtubed the heck out of it. Laugh along with this film as I attempt futilely to control the airship, while it dives, thrashes and ultimately bursts on timscience's head. This more informative piece shows the rocket launching in detail.

To most of those who ordered them, tiny tea comics are on their way. There are a few swaps in batch two, going off tomorrow. I'm proud to say that one of the swaps is for porn classy erotica. Oh yeah. They'll be with you as soon as they've worked their way through the fearsome Postal Chaos.

I Wants It
Originally uploaded by Damian Cugley.

The black cat picture is from TK Maxx. They're got the Halloween tat in, including full-sized mummies and more grinning cats than you can shake a stick at. More of the same if you click through and look.

Addendum: I like this rather bewitching blog full of pictures of little people in a huge world. ETA: Syndicated to leftinlondon


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29th Aug, 2006 15:33 (UTC)
I went to TK Maxx but couldn't find where they would have halloween stuff. do you have a link? I wants it too.
29th Aug, 2006 17:23 (UTC)
it was in homeware and gifts
-- but isn't it a rather different store in the U.S.? The UK ones have a big homeware section -- but they don't sell or list products online.
29th Aug, 2006 20:05 (UTC)
Re: it was in homeware and gifts
We have TJ Maxx but they're mostly clothing. I don't recall any home section.
30th Aug, 2006 09:06 (UTC)
I saw them cats in TK Maxx. If you pick them up and shake them, the eyes wobble with a satisfying ceramic 'clinking' noise.
I gather you are supposed to fill them with 'candy' to offer to 'scamps' that come a-knocking at your door from early October onwards.
30th Aug, 2006 09:15 (UTC)
And give them nightmares, hopefully for years to come.
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