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of mice and mothers

Mum wants me to visit her this autumn, but she's just so damned remote these days (her village -- if about ten houses and a sheep farm count as a village -- is called Ford, and near -- in a loose sense of the word near -- Oban and Loch Awe in Scotland). However, a small brainwave may have shrunk my travel costs by somewhere in the region of £80-130. The downside? I have to be in London for 8.15am. And spend all day in a Megabus, obviously.

Look! No more cat hair misery with this robot hoover especially for your pets. And, while we're on the small furry ones, mice seem to be much on people's minds today, so I will share this internet message board pearl of wisdom regarding the capture and disposal of the dreaded meeces: Get a dachshund, they are born to hunt.

I leave you with this story of a killer rhea stalking Kent's golf courses. Look out, it's going for your eyes!!! Here's an idea for the next British Action Blockbuster: Rheas on a Megabus.

I'd love to see Ewan McGregor trying to save that.


7th Sep, 2006 18:18 (UTC)
You can get a single for 13 pounds fifty on the train if you book it in advance. Megabus seems like undue torture. If you're in Glasgow for any length of time, feel free to come and say hello!
8th Sep, 2006 09:34 (UTC)
That's what it costs for me to get to Bristol (goes off to check on this mythical ticket). Oh my. That's really a case where you can buy a return ticket but really, you shouldn't. Thanks so much!

-- and the way the train connections work usually leaves some wandering time in Central Glasgow, so saying hello somewhere definitely sounds like a plan!
8th Sep, 2006 14:26 (UTC)
Re: £13.50???
No probs. It costs more to get a train from Stansted Airport to Liverpool St station than it does from Kings Cross to Glasgow.