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Saw Tilly and the Wall last night. Ooh, they were power-popping fun. Their rhythym section is a tap-dancer! Super-fine gig with lots of upbeat songs and close girl harmonies. If they're turning up near you, definitely go see. And my, that tap-dancer looked fit. She even did tap solos!

Mmmmyeah, look at that sun. It really is lovely today. Definitely a day to go out for a drink after work. How about the Head of the River? The last of the summer boat gigs is on this evening (on Friday! so instead of the Sunday Steamer, it's called the Friday Frigate). Sow, the Keyboard Choir, Harry Angel and King James are playing. Music on the river later, and summer's last gasp?

Andy R (doctormondo) has finished The 3 little witches strip. It's super-cute! Leave comments for the talented man here.

Geek girls and the men who love them (and vice versa, of course) check out this exquisite Geek Boutique. Molecular earrings! Ethernet cable chokers! Oooh, shiny.

Following on from discussions about just what a big python is physically capable of swallowing, check out this malaysian python that's just swallowed a pregnant sheep. Hard to tell with a sanke, but I think it might be regretting that extra helping.

I like this picture of a spiral extended dachshund. Sort of like a cumberland sausage dog.


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8th Sep, 2006 11:30 (UTC)
Geek Boutique is wonderful, I just caught sight of the purple resister necklace, tis pretty.

I've always said the first week of September is always lovely weather. I remember being totured by the good weather when I was a kid and had to go back to school.
8th Sep, 2006 11:42 (UTC)
I'm tempted by the post-work drinks - after a couple of weeks of America and then several days of being ded ov teh jetlag, I quite fancy a proper pint in a proper pub and some hanging out :)

8th Sep, 2006 12:34 (UTC)
oooh, it'd be lovely to see you!
8th Sep, 2006 11:44 (UTC)
Geek Boutique
I was making (and wearing) that sort of thing when I was 14. My geekery runs deep.
Hmmmm, (ponders) maybe I should raid tech support and see if they have any old knackered stuff I can filch and make some brand new festoonery.
8th Sep, 2006 12:36 (UTC)
if you do
Can I put in an order for some earrings?
8th Sep, 2006 20:59 (UTC)
Re: if you do
Bah curses! I did go and inquire at tech support but they had no unwanted stuff to give me, it had been binned.
I asked the guy to tell me next time he had anything spare about to be trashed, but I must admit he looked at me as if I was a total loon.

I may have to resort to drooling over a Tandy's catalogue or summat, dangerous though, as I'll start wanting to wire things up proper-like with batteries again, and it's been donkeys years since I did that sort of thing. Ga! Expensive. Ga! Can't remember how to do it. Ga! There's never enough time for me to do all the billion little crazy projects I want to do.

But if I do get hold of suitable bits for ear-rings... I'll send you the (possibly questionable) results.

8th Sep, 2006 13:03 (UTC)
If you email me your address I'll send you a copy of the CD I bought, plus some Gomez.
8th Sep, 2006 13:13 (UTC)
reciprocal burnings
Have done so, will do same for you
11th Sep, 2006 12:56 (UTC)
Re: reciprocal burnings
I am still waiting for my CDs, yo!
11th Sep, 2006 13:13 (UTC)
Re: reciprocal burnings
Have parcel, have pile of CDs. Plus some other stuff. But have I got your current address? Am suffering anxiety on this front, please send correct address, sorry it's been so long.
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