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TMI (household waste)

I've just spent the last hour unblocking my toilet. Now I'm going upstairs to bleach my hair. And possibly every other inch of my body.


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10th Sep, 2006 15:45 (UTC)
Oh my, that does sound a nasty way to spend a Sunday. I'm wishing you fragrant orange-blossom scented breezes and a big billowing fall of rose petals from a post-modern advertisement for some kind of creme liqueur. And also, some kind of creme liqueur.
10th Sep, 2006 16:21 (UTC)
Every OTHER inch…?
Stripes or checks?
10th Sep, 2006 17:00 (UTC)
Even More TMI
I once had to haul a chemical toilet that had been left overflowing, all the way across a campsite to the assigned emptying place. It sloshed onto my feet. The smell comes back just thinking about it, and that was about 20 years ago.
10th Sep, 2006 20:20 (UTC)
The miracle cleansing powers of FIRE!*

*Any and all pain, burns, and other injury resulting from this advice lies solely in your personal domain of responsibility.


Actually many sympathies. It reminds me all too much of most of the countries I grew up in.
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