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three is the magic number oh yes

Doing something a bit different this week; myself and two other autobiographical cartoonists are swapping lives and drawing each other's days. So far I've sent monday and tuesday to Jess Guide Dog Detective Bradley, Sally-Anne Hickman (sallyshinystars but here for some comics) has sent hers to me, and Jess's (I suppose) have gone to Sally, though I have no direct evidence of this ...

I just roughed out Sally's monday! And a torrid tale it is. I feel like I'm back drawing 3 in a Bed all over again, for any as remember that ... The aim is to make small (A6) comics, so drawing actual size, I can speed matters up considerably!

The monday and tuesday links take you to the accounts of those days that I'm sending to Jess* -- I'll be putting them up here -- behind cut tags (you'll be relieved to hear) as a sort of side project off the side of my side project. Monday is about delivering a parcel and drinking on mzdt's narrowboat. Tuesday contains a dream about a mermaid and an account of a mildly freaky bus-ride.

Yea and verily this is the very minutae of my life ...

* Yes, I know they're kind of long -- I'm aiming to give Jess a choice in what she draws about!

P.S. Three is the magic number oh yes is the subject line Sally's been using to organise this, so I guess it's probably the working title of the project ...

P.P.S. You know you want to visit The Museum of Scientifically Accurate Fabric Brain Art.

P.P.P.S. Look! A stuffed bird playing a record with its beak. Remember to listen to the tiny audio file -- it's minimal, but good.

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