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Fashion! Astonishing op art sci-fi shape-changing superhero gear from Gareth Pugh. You'll want to click on "see a slide show" (caution, site is ad-heavy).

I'm slacking a bit on the weekly strip because I'm spending so much time roughing out the crazy-whirl life of sallyshinystars. I've sorted out thumbnails for the full week -- just small ones, but I'm pleased so far. I've not had to cut much. This may be the densest stuff I've ever done! Among other things, I get to draw: a tattooed rocker florist, bar-staff covering each other in promotional stamps, kick-boxing in pschedelic orange pyjamas and waking up at four in the morning with rain blowing through an open window. Lovely.

But, with apologies for lateness, last week's weekly strip, Perpetual Paper Round. It actually dates back to May or June, when I found the paper in the street and wondered where it had come from (even later than it seems, then). I like walking suburban streets -- there's always odd things to see, even somewhere you know well.

perpetual paper round -detail

P.S. Comics fans: there is a Warren Ellis tribute in this strip.

P.S. Look! Someone's invented (groan) the i-fish: Just like the goldfish you tormented as a kid, iFish is sensitive to movement. Scroll down the page to see a wi-fi enabled bunny.


(Deleted comment)
20th Sep, 2006 13:59 (UTC)
not sure whether to be creeped or endeared byt the bunny
But I think I really must stop clicking around the firebox website and thinking, ooo! shiny!