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playful robots in the picture palace

Use Livejournal's Scrapbook function? Infuriated by it? Me, I routinely end up swearing about its inadequancies, and not only because LJ treat their scrap-book users as an informal beta testing group for unpopular new features*.

All hail the great and glorious tinyjo, then, for making my scrapbook look decidely groovy. In fact, I think it's now ahead of my main journal in looks and useability ... of course, there's no fixing the irritating back-end "features", but it's amazing how much less annoying they are when the end results are pretty and functional galleries. Anyone else fancy cleaning up their scrapbook? Easy-to-follow implementation instructions are here. It's based on Expressive, so all of the expressive designs are available -- that night sky one, the cityscapes, the zen thingy, all of them. Note: it's got a lot of customisation options, so you'll need a cup of tea and a clear 20 minutes.

In other news, I finished that pirates book. Next job's probably to re/read those Neal Stevenson books. You know, the really fat ones ... best discovery of the book was not a pirate at all but a notorious whore of Port Royal, name of Mary Carleton, the self-styled German Princess (you'll have to scroll down a bit to get to her story). Somehow I don't see her getting her own documentary any time soon, though. Torture, rape and murder, after all, are fine entertaining tea-time fare -- but prostitution, bigamy, swindling and "fair high breasts"? Oh dear me no.

* OK, maybe that was just the once, but I didn't even get so much as one extra userpic to make up for the horrendous blinding inconvenience of having a broken Rich Text Editor foisted on me.


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22nd Sep, 2006 16:04 (UTC)
I <3 fair high breasts
22nd Sep, 2006 16:06 (UTC)
Heh, I discovered Mary Carleton a few months ago. I'd certainly pay money to go and see it.
22nd Sep, 2006 16:13 (UTC)
Her wikipedia entry seemed a bit scarce to me -- had to scavenge around to pick up a good biography, despite the fact that she was herself something of a(n unreliable) autobiographer.

One fact not on the list was that while she was sentenced to the Jamaican Penal Colony, she didn't get there -- she was freed on arrival at Port Royal for services rendered. Including her part in thwarting a mutiny -- if reports are to be believed ...
22nd Sep, 2006 16:20 (UTC)
her part in thwarting a mutiny
Hmm, I wonder if I can guess roughly what that part was...
22nd Sep, 2006 18:18 (UTC)
Re: her part in thwarting a mutiny
She was fairly upfront about how her wit and good company were instrumental in getting her better quarters etc.
22nd Sep, 2006 18:20 (UTC)
Re: her part in thwarting a mutiny
"Upfront" eh? -- "quarters" eh?
22nd Sep, 2006 16:15 (UTC)
One other fact that delighted me greatly was how over the bigamy thing, both the Carletons produced pamphlets denouncing the other! So Emo!
22nd Sep, 2006 16:19 (UTC)
That pamphlet era must have been highly exciting, if you lived in London. And great for the development of typography, too.
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