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I just used this catalogue card generator to make a card I can't reproduce here. It was about spinning the wheel of side effects. This morning I have one, four and possibly a touch of two. Thankfully no sign of five, which was really bad on friday.

As a follow-up to the fish-tank toilet I linked to whenever-it-was, here's a german company selling fish elevators. FishLoft ist eine frei stehende Wassersäule für Ihren Teich. Not a new idea, I'm fairly sure it's in the Half-Bakery or somewhere of similar value, but I like the enthusiasm and the perky logo. At the bookshop this weekend, I turned up a short story collection called Dreams of Dead Women's Handbags. The first story featured a man who turned his kitchen into a koi pond, complete with ornamental bridge. If only I were fictional! I too could effect rearrangement of my living space inbetween pages. And I'd never have to clean. Unless I ended up in a book about cleaning.

Last night I dreamed I was watching Thom Yorke's new side project band at the Zodiac. Everyone was vaguely familar from other bands, but I couldn't place them. They kept on fluffing the songs and bursting into giggles, which was quite something. Thom Yorke in giggles.

Latest pear suggestion: cook with cherries and ginger with sugar and half a cup of water. You'll need to leave the lid off at the end to reduce the syrup.

Right, I'd best drag myself to work then.



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25th Sep, 2006 10:33 (UTC)
That band is dead good. Do you reckon they like Sparks?
25th Sep, 2006 11:06 (UTC)
a possibility!
-- they certainly like jumping around like lunatics and shouting ... I approve. Tempted to buy the single, maybe
25th Sep, 2006 14:48 (UTC)
Ja, okay, aber WARUM? ;-)
26th Sep, 2006 10:44 (UTC)
I'm trying to imagine how one can giggle during Harrowdown Hill. I realised Thom was a lot better than he once was, though, when I saw the video to No Surprises. A man who's capable of letting people half-drown him in an upturned goldfish-bowl for around half a minute isn't the same man who once let all his girlfriends fish die because it was too much to go to the other end of the garden and break the ice to feed them.

There was also his appearance on Jonathan Ross, but he looked a bit manic then, rather than actually happy. A bit jiggly-kneed.
26th Sep, 2006 12:47 (UTC)
underwater yorke
He ends up in the river in the Harrowdown Hill video. I had wondered why he seems to end up underwater in so many videos, maybe it's guilt...
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