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This weekend's left me a bit speechless.

So I'm just going to link to a rubber duck in the shape of Darth Vader that glows when you drop it in water.


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2nd Oct, 2006 16:49 (UTC)
Thanks so much for coming over at the weekend - it can't have been such a delightful prospect given what a grim mood I've been in lately, and it was unbelievably helpful for me to have you and Jenni over. I hope you'll come again soon (and not just because I need your gardening advice).
3rd Oct, 2006 09:48 (UTC)
I'm very glad we were there for you, and glad we went -- though I could have skipped the traffic queues of doom, there's a lot to be said for drinking margueritas and harvesting sweet peas, even in grim times. Thanks for having us, you are the best hostess! xx J
3rd Oct, 2006 12:33 (UTC)
I'll mix your G&Ts any time you like.
2nd Oct, 2006 20:54 (UTC)
Thank you so much for providing much needed belly laugh of the evening with that stupendous link. I think I know what my brother is getting for Christmas....
2nd Oct, 2006 23:40 (UTC)
you OK? email me, and you're very welcome to get me properly drunk soon.

I didn't make the party either, in the end, btw...
3rd Oct, 2006 09:50 (UTC)
I'm fine, things have just been busy and a bit strange is all -- hmmm, any more weird electronica nights coming up?
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