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this week's strip -- another guestie

This week's strip is another guest spot, this time from andyluke. It's more about my house than about me, to be honest -- but I've always seen my house much as the caddis fly does*, as an extension of myself.

This was the one that made it through of several discarded ideas, and Andy gave me the outtakes (below). I remember the Jeremy Guinness occasion! (Or is it something that's happened more than once?) The Jim Davidson story seems like it has quite a backstory ... and the stairs one makes me feel somewhat slightly nervous. Does he know something I don't?

outtakes from andy's strip about me
outtakes from andy's strip about me

Apparently the Jim Davidson one had been in his head for a long while ....

*Except for the bit with the mucus and the claws.


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3rd Oct, 2006 11:38 (UTC)
the legends were true!

That cracked me up! Indeed the house and it's occupants, (both live and plastic) are legendary.
3rd Oct, 2006 15:40 (UTC)
"Beautiful nest" I love that. It's very true!
3rd Oct, 2006 17:24 (UTC)
I think that's a story about being on the verge of growing up.
3rd Oct, 2006 18:52 (UTC)
Many thanks for introducing Mr. Luke to me.

Our Sir Reginald outing shall be epic.
3rd Oct, 2006 23:07 (UTC)
Yeha, I recall drifting into a a rant in my head about how Jim Davison hated you jeremy Dennis for you were stealing his core audience of hardcore military types as that occurred to me a very sweet thought. Leading them into deviant lifestyles with crayons, pastels and what-not.

It worries me when you fall down, stairs, or over other things. Try not to do it. I get really scared and mousey.

a story about growing up ? looks like i've been spotted. its also a story about being allowed to grow up, and utilising colour to draw with so that you can remember things in colour.

I love you too Mega-Benchilada. Our story will be epic, but hush hush quiet as mice. they need not know that...ye

13th Oct, 2006 20:46 (UTC)
Has it really been ten days since you posted? Where are you? Are you on holiday? Have you seen this?
15th Oct, 2006 14:31 (UTC)
Hi Debra, I've not been on holiday but the last couple weeks have been somewhat eventful. I'll be posting about it soonish -- what the heck. Nowish.
15th Oct, 2006 14:32 (UTC)
T-rex throw pillow! Awwwww!
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