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insect hell

Today's attempt to work from home was rather interrupted when I discovered that ivy had invaded the computer room/comics library/walk-in wardrobe, and brought thousands of sticky icky aphids with itself. I now know more about removing aphids from stuff than I ever thought I'd need to know. Thankfully it didn't hit a very cluttered area ... just a plastic owl, some pot plants, some badges, some bangles from my teenage years (which are looking more and more like something they'd dig up on Time Team), a blue glass decanter, a joke-shop gold laurel wreath, and er, some other stuff.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with the net curtains and cycling gloves which I wore to avoid having to feel the little f*ckers ooze through my fingers as I yanked the ivy off the wall (currently out in the back garden). I don't even know how to wash a net curtain. Hot? Anyone? Help?


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24th Apr, 2002 16:14 (UTC)
Some 'net' curtains are made from plasticy material. Do not boil these as it will severely challenge them. If it's proper net, then yes, hot should be fine -- you can probably even put some bleach in if you really feel squicked out by them.

Dunno about the cycling gloves though. Do they have a high synthetics content? Perhaps you can simply use 'em for gardening from now on -- or soak 'em a bit and pretend you've forgotten they ever came into contact with aphids?
26th Apr, 2002 08:20 (UTC)
Couldn't decide what the curtains were made of, so soaked them overnight and then washed them cool. Hopefully that'll work. I scrubbed the gloves with antibacterial washing-up liquid and a toothbrush (it was what was to hand!) and bought a lot of little cedarwood building blocks to put around the place to discorage any repeat performances. It finally rained today, so maybe some of the aphids have washed away now. I can hope.
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