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taking back the night

I seem to be going through a bit of a phase of buying red things. Today this legal alternative to pepper spray caught my eye. Should go wonderfully with the antique red coral earrings and the shiny (product)red product and my hair (although that's more dingy peach now really).

Not everything's been red, though. Meet the splitcam. I'm sure it will perform just as well as all my other lomography cameras ... i.e. it'll be on freecycle as an interesting repair job in a year or so's time.

Halloween was fairly amusing. We scored a gang of hoodies, a put-upon looking older girl shepherding an array of becostumed younger cousins/siblings and two pizzas. The pizzas cost us the most but were easily the most enjoyable. Pleased to say I awarded the effortful children twice as many marks and spencers skeletons as the hoodie gang. One of the smallest was rapidly shushed as he said "we already have some of these..." he recovered well, though, continuing, "...but in a different colour."

Reintegrating myself with the internet today. It's like I've never been away, always the same but different. Speaking of which, if you've done anything momentous recently, please let me know -- your important news has already disappeared into the infomational ocean. I obviously know the important stuff, like how Timbuktu is looking for a twin town and some joker's made a cross-shaped ipod, but if I've missed anything important or shiny, please let me know.

First frost this morning. If the Morning Glories are still at it by this evening, I shall have to conclude that they are a danger to my seasonal expectations.

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