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to my lovely friends

Well, thanks to a mysterious internet conspiracy I am now the owner of a silky, shiny, Samsung Digimax L85. Thanks so much to everyone involved -- rules of anonymity prevent my knowing who you are but I am very grateful. And snapping away like a mad thing! I have so far photographed cats, tea, toys, boys, the new day bed, croissant interiors, real and fabric roses and discovered many interesting modes, including one of absolute madness (see the photo of Damian, below).

back with a new cameraglass fish
just because it has 8 megapixelsnew toy, new joy

See the first upload from new camera as a slideshow.


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5th Nov, 2006 17:05 (UTC)
I love that one of you in the glass, and that skeleton is the creepiest faux skeleton ever. At least, I hope it's faux.
5th Nov, 2006 19:39 (UTC)
Three Cheers For The Conspirators!
How cool is that? Great to see you're snappin' back.
6th Nov, 2006 05:39 (UTC)
People loves you.
6th Nov, 2006 13:33 (UTC)
That's great! Now sulking I wasn't part of the conspiracy... ;-)
8th Nov, 2006 17:19 (UTC)
Through vulcan logic* I have discovered that tinyjo was coordinating the conspiracy, if you wish to be involved post dono....

*Or possibly she told me.
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