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Just called the ultrasound clinic about my scan and managed to bring it forward to Dec 4th! Turns out the urgent marking had been missed off the form. Bah! Will cut short my MCR, but worth it for a faster diagnosis.

Following last night's Torchwood, decided to check the net for any notorious Welsh serial killers. Hullo! Peter Moore, a violent cinema-owner, who assaulted over 50 men and killed 4 of them in Denbigh. But they were mostly gay, leading to a lack of follow up. They got him after he killed a married father of two by accident. Famously, when a victim asked him why, said, "for fun". Maybe they did a bit of research after all.

... and now, especially for timscience and anyone else boggled by the toadstood with a fishnet petticoat from last night's Planet Earth, I present the Maiden Veil Stinkhorn (photos). That delicate petticoat smells of rotting meat, encouraging blowflies to clamber up it, into the cap, where they can feast on stinkhorn slime and collect spores to disperse. Stinkhorns are among the most suggestive of fungi.

Now: lunch.


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20th Nov, 2006 13:54 (UTC)
Great fungi links! I've bookmarked a cool site, they look like faeries at first glance.

I have a fondness for fancy fungi.
20th Nov, 2006 14:27 (UTC)
The MCR finishes on Sunday - I expect people will head home early afternoon.
21st Nov, 2006 11:26 (UTC)
That's great. I'm all a-panic at the moment ...
21st Nov, 2006 11:28 (UTC)
21st Nov, 2006 11:37 (UTC)
Great idea! I'm brewing some genmaicha now. Mmm.
20th Nov, 2006 16:46 (UTC)
Sadly, it's less a fictionl account here.
21st Nov, 2006 11:25 (UTC)
did my tone mislead you?
Peter Moore is very much real.
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