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wolves in the wall, jon snow

A couple of notices for Oxford friends:

Did you forget? I forgot. The Wolves in the Walls is showing at Oxford Playhouse this week. I'm going friday evening, and there are still plenty of tickets left.

Here's something a bit odder: the University Chutch is hosting a talk by Jon Snow called The Word - how news travels: the contrast between Biblical and present day concepts of news, but it's at 10.30am this Sunday Eucharist so you'll have to be quite dedicated to go. If only it had been an evensong!

Saw my physio yesterday. Among other things, she advised broccoli, gentle stroking, tapping and massage to relax the muscles in my face and using the "talk to the hand" gesture on people who invade my personal space (apparently the tension/threat response impedes healing). I like my physio. She's so practical.


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22nd Nov, 2006 09:35 (UTC)
Stroking with broccoli?


Talk to the hand sounds good, perhaps with back up "knee to the nuts" gesture.
23rd Nov, 2006 13:47 (UTC)
Eating broccoli! And dark, leafy vegetables and soya beans. I like her holistic approach. I always come away with a very weird list of advice.
22nd Nov, 2006 14:29 (UTC)
My 7 year old daughter loves the book The Wolves in the Walls, and I just showed her the playhouse site from your link and she was very impressed. She wanted me to buy tickets until I explained it was little too far away, being in the UK.
23rd Nov, 2006 13:47 (UTC)
The magical interweb not so magic after all...
23rd Nov, 2006 18:09 (UTC)
I bought a ticket. Will you be heading out from Cowley? Email me.
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