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I got back my contributors copy of Hellspoon!, the comic drawn in a single frenzied weekend in a haunted cottage surrounded by cows and magpies, and it makes a surprising amount of sense! Apart from the page about badgers in bras, of course. What is that about? Also features wagtails on crack, belly-dancing dormice and the true story of how we lit a log fire with a toaster, as well as more normal topics like cow insemination, the end of the world and exploding heads.

It's a multiple autobio piece, so we all have pivotal roles -- but I was very pleased to end up summoning The League of Jeremies to fight the Great God NaNoWriMo (praise him) who was attempting some form of kitten-based apocalypse. I was particularly taken by this picture (by badasstronaut) of me sheltering in the lee of Jeremy Paxman:

sheltering in the lee of Jeremy Paxman

Go under the cut for Terry Wiley's (syrtis) vision of the League in action.

the league of jeremies are calling!

The pages I drew were: (1) farmhouse arrival/suspicious resemblence to Bill Oddie/chinese snack frenzy (2) Morpheus/Jack Sparrow summoning and fight scene (3) urban hip-hop pandas on Universe Challenge. I was pretty slack; Terry racked up 5 pages and damiancugley an astonishing 8.

You can buy Hellspoon! for stocking-filler prices: £2.50 from Factor Fiction Press, 38 Clarke's Road, Wigston, Leicester LE18 2BE. The latest Girly Comic's also available for the same price, and from the same place (there are a couple of weekly strips in it).

PSEdit: Looks like there might be some sort of resizing error on that picture of Terry's. Here's the original.


15th Dec, 2006 16:43 (UTC)
Except Terry Wiley != sielis?
15th Dec, 2006 16:58 (UTC)
17th Dec, 2006 16:30 (UTC)
ooops-a-bloody daisy. I'll edit ...