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I got back my contributors copy of Hellspoon!, the comic drawn in a single frenzied weekend in a haunted cottage surrounded by cows and magpies, and it makes a surprising amount of sense! Apart from the page about badgers in bras, of course. What is that about? Also features wagtails on crack, belly-dancing dormice and the true story of how we lit a log fire with a toaster, as well as more normal topics like cow insemination, the end of the world and exploding heads.

It's a multiple autobio piece, so we all have pivotal roles -- but I was very pleased to end up summoning The League of Jeremies to fight the Great God NaNoWriMo (praise him) who was attempting some form of kitten-based apocalypse. I was particularly taken by this picture (by badasstronaut) of me sheltering in the lee of Jeremy Paxman:

sheltering in the lee of Jeremy Paxman

Go under the cut for Terry Wiley's (syrtis) vision of the League in action.

the league of jeremies are calling!

The pages I drew were: (1) farmhouse arrival/suspicious resemblence to Bill Oddie/chinese snack frenzy (2) Morpheus/Jack Sparrow summoning and fight scene (3) urban hip-hop pandas on Universe Challenge. I was pretty slack; Terry racked up 5 pages and damiancugley an astonishing 8.

You can buy Hellspoon! for stocking-filler prices: £2.50 from Factor Fiction Press, 38 Clarke's Road, Wigston, Leicester LE18 2BE. The latest Girly Comic's also available for the same price, and from the same place (there are a couple of weekly strips in it).

PSEdit: Looks like there might be some sort of resizing error on that picture of Terry's. Here's the original.


15th Dec, 2006 22:24 (UTC)
Dear Aunty Jeremy,

Why oh why oh why can't I find Hellspoon! on that site? I'd like a copy or two to stuff some stockings, although I get the feeling that at this late stage I might not get them before the Great Day Of Stockingry.

What can I do to solve this matter with my girlfriend? Can I ever make it up to my dear old Mum? And is it normal at my time of life to start growing hairs in new and different places?

Yours sincerely,

Confused and frantically shaving,
16th Dec, 2006 11:47 (UTC)
Cause of technical difficulties
Banbury, due to changing pooters I don't have my web editing software installed yet so can't update the website... sorry!

You can send a cheque to the address in cleanskies post or paypal £2.50 per copy to selina.lock@ntlworld.com
16th Dec, 2006 12:25 (UTC)
Re: Cause of technical difficulties
Smashing. Paypal as a company is a privacy wossname, so I will be sending a cheque shortly.
17th Dec, 2006 16:34 (UTC)
Glad to see you sorted it out among yourselves. Keep up the shaving!