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over the weather

Well, hello, winter. I nearly slipped on the greasy ice on the corner this morning! Freezing fog! It's so pretty. And lethal. And don't aluminium i-pods get cold when it slips below zero? Even inside case and pocket.

Health update: turns out I was anaemic, not depressed. Four days into the iron tablets and I'd recovered my energy, stopped the bleeding, cheered up, stopped weeping and falling over, regained my confidence and generally returned to my usual rambunctious self. Makes me want to say to every female friend who's a bit under the weather and occasionally menstruating, for goodness sake, get the doctor to check if you're anaemic, because the improvement was astonishing. Also, I was discharged from my physio this morning; fully recovered, bar a minor TMJ niggle. I have some exercises for the jaw, which also seem to help with the eye! No more headaches for me! Just as well, because right now I never want to take an ibuprofen again.

Having bought (and posted! yeesh!) presents for my entire family, I have now run out of money. So, the best I can do for you lot is this:

the frosty stars sing of spring's return

Hmm. I wonder if the twinkle will show in regular view? If not, you can click through.

In other news Space Heroes of the People did their second gig and I agian shouted about dinosaurs. In this photo, jinty has caught me between march of the robots and the allosaurus. Looks like I'm taking orders from my cyber leader. Been to a bunch of other christmas gigs, too; bands I've seen and liked include Nonstop Tango (tuneful shouting and surprisingly tuneful semi-improvised mangle of many instruments, performance accompanied by a sinister slow-moving snack-fairy giving us twiglets, v. seasonal!), TV Baby, Fuckbuttons (influences include whalesong, japanese drumming, and the sound of jet engines taking off: badasstronaut, I think you'll like these guys), 100 Bullets Back (currently constructing the Oxford electro scene from bits of mirror ball and discarded robots, I like their new night Abort, Retry, Fail?), Your Distant Family (electro, duo, neato) and probably a few others, too. TV Baby were on Your Song (a redemptive covers night) and covered Deutsche Girls. Do you remember the girls?

I also stayed in one night and watched The Core. So! Bad!

P.S. For goodness sake go here and do not vote for Margaret Thatcher. Vote tactically, vote according to your conscience, but please don't let the milk-snatching warmongering witch win! [gakked from fridgemagnet]


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20th Dec, 2006 16:08 (UTC)
The twinkle is showing
Glad to hear the iron increase has had such positive results.

Yes - I spotted Tim's review and liked the sound of Fuckbuttons, I'll see if I can check them out.
20th Dec, 2006 16:10 (UTC)
Also watched The Core. How could they give so much attention to the effects and so little to the writing?
20th Dec, 2006 16:26 (UTC)
"I just call it unobtanium"

We had some fun laying bets as to what would happen next, predicting deaths and playing disaster movie bingo.
20th Dec, 2006 20:14 (UTC)
I did too and got all the deaths in the correct order. I didn't get evil scientist's final redemption but that was all.
20th Dec, 2006 20:32 (UTC)
See you and raise
We got the deaths in the right order, the black guy dying heroically to defend the ship, the evil scientist's redemption, surfacing in Hawaii, and, spookily, the hull being made of "unobtanium". Neither of us had seen the movie before. Clearly we watch way too much of this kind of thing.
20th Dec, 2006 23:20 (UTC)
Re: See you and raise
That's uncannily good. Guessing unobtanium, which is unbelievably trite even as an in film joke, shows far too deep a knowledge of the genre to be healthy.
21st Dec, 2006 00:08 (UTC)
Re: See you and raise
The thing is, I'd previously only heard of it as an engineers' in-joke, and I was being sarcastic. As in...
Cleanskies: "What's that they're making the hull out of?"
Me (sarcastically): "Unobtanium".
-(2 minutes later)-
Guy in film: "I call it unobtanium". Cue dropped jaws and hysterical laughter.
20th Dec, 2006 16:13 (UTC)
Hmmmm. I think there's a very reasonable explanation for my recent low mood, but given that when I tried to give blood a year ago they told me to go away because I didn't have enough iron then making more of an effort to remember to take my multivitamins-with-iron wouldn't help, particularly given how little red meat I eat. Thanks for the reminder!
20th Dec, 2006 16:21 (UTC)
Hooray for BLUD! I'm glad you're all ironed up.
Gah! Margaret Thatcher! *flees*
20th Dec, 2006 16:37 (UTC)
Yay! to the iron thingy.

Boo! to Thatch. I notice she's running close with Mister Benn, though.
20th Dec, 2006 16:47 (UTC)
I'm very happy to read that you're feeling yourself again. x
20th Dec, 2006 20:21 (UTC)

That's just exactly like a rude joke I vaguely remember from primary school days. Sorry to be so immature.
21st Dec, 2006 21:13 (UTC)
I must confess that that occured to me too when I hit send! :)
20th Dec, 2006 18:22 (UTC)
Ohhh, great card!
Glad to hear you're pumping iron.
20th Dec, 2006 19:40 (UTC)
Tactical vote is for Tony Benn, who is who I would have voted for anyway, but you might want to add that in.

Yay for iron tablets!
20th Dec, 2006 20:27 (UTC)
I voted for Tony Benn twice, from work and from home.
OK, so it's cheating. But then again, it's Thatcher.
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
21st Dec, 2006 10:18 (UTC)
No, not a hero. Having decided I'm not really in a fit state to make judgements today, I'm deleting the comment. Byeee!
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