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happy new year

Cocktail Hour! Ash's Cantina music cover just came on on random on the i-pod, so it is clearly time to Get The Party Started. I've planted tulips and re-charged my photo wall (which is about as close as I ever get to a good spring clean) so I just need to decide which t-shirt to wear and I'm ready to go...

...out into the gales and rain. It's STORMY out there. And nice in here. Apart from the Juniper Shield Bugs, I could get used to living in a room festooned with Lelandii branches. I guess in this case, it's better in than out.

Unlike me. I'm off away fairly soon, on an evening-long reconstruction of my New Year's last year. But this time, I'll get it right. The rest of you, have an excellent evening and remember these very important party safety tips:

DON'T crunch ice
DO enjoy friends responsibly
DON'T abuse cake
DO know where your champagne is at all times

Have a good new year, party weasels!


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31st Dec, 2006 17:57 (UTC)
Happy new year
Can I be a party stoat instead?
31st Dec, 2006 18:16 (UTC)
Have fun!
31st Dec, 2006 18:28 (UTC)
I'm a party Fastfoodzilla.
1st Jan, 2007 11:58 (UTC)
I hope yours was great! Happy 2007!
1st Jan, 2007 12:56 (UTC)
Juniper Shield Bugs
I noticed that the Juniper Shield Bug is just up from the Green Shield Bug - a shame, if you'd had those, you could have saved them up for a discount at the supermarket... (Matt Brooker)
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