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i am in ur interwebs eating ur brainz

Solution to that resolution problem! Someone made a resolution generator. Here's mine:

In 2007, cleanskies resolves to...
Put fifty graphic novels a month into my savings account.
Take evening classes in advice.
Admit my true feelings to katandahalf.
Find a better scomata.
Give up drawing.
Get back in contact with some old comics.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:



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4th Jan, 2007 09:30 (UTC)
Don't even think about giving up drawing. And I think evening classes on advice could be pretty tedious. Putting fifty graphic novels a month into my savings account sounds like a good idea though. What's a scomata?
4th Jan, 2007 10:16 (UTC)
hmm, well
I pulled it out of Oliver Sack's book on migraine, but it looks like scotoma is the more usual term. Maybe I should change it to "scintillating scotomata" -- which is actually what I'm on about -- though it's a real mouthful. Flecks or sparks in your your visual field, anyway.
4th Jan, 2007 10:28 (UTC)
Re: hmm, well
Well, that meme tells me I should spend more time with my catalogues, which sounds a little autistic.
4th Jan, 2007 10:35 (UTC)
Re: hmm, well
I changed it to scotomata. The Oliver Sacks book had a really stupid last chapter about chaos theory, anyway. Looks like I'm still the only person who cares!

The resolutions generator does seem a little cruel in its choices, from what I've seen.
4th Jan, 2007 15:02 (UTC)
Re: hmm, well
OHh, I get those. Didn't know they had a name.
4th Jan, 2007 10:53 (UTC)
In 2007, rhubarbfool resolves to...
Keep my electrelane clean.
Find a new elbow.
Backup my wigu regularly.
Take evening classes in cinerama.
Give some comics to charity.
Connect with my inner lipservice.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

A couple of mine are actually quite valid.
4th Jan, 2007 16:11 (UTC)
Mine has advised me to become a better goth and spend more time with my novels, which is fine. And to give up games and eat more boots, both of which are rather worrying.

4th Jan, 2007 18:26 (UTC)
eat more boots?
4th Jan, 2007 19:32 (UTC)
I also have to connect with my inner angel - I think it may be tapping me to make up for its own inadequacies.
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