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minor successes

1. I put a trend line onto my site visits graph today. Just for a moment, just to see what it looked like. :)

2. I can't line dance. I just can't. And I discovered this without having to go anywhere scary. In a recent (and fairly surreal) move, grimy but gorgeous venue the zodiac introduced a line dancing night which I accidentally got access to following a gig (Champfer -- rather all over the place, a weak lead singer/guitarist, interesting when they get going on the electronica and bongos -- and friendly guitar-rock Oxford veterans Samurai 7). We were drunk enough to find the idea funny, and stuck it out for four songs, towards the back, where it was more like semi-synchronised lurching than actual dancing (nobody was in lines, as such), before scampering back downstairs to the more freeform boogie basement. Telling your left from your right appears to be pretty fundamental, so I was fucked, but I'll not deny a sly(ght) thrill at being shouted at by the dykey leather-clad caller from on high on the Zodiac stage ("You know what a tush is, don't you? Well, shake it!").

3. Talking helps. On two counts; both with some staff members (including my manager, my manager's manager, and her manager) about the problems I've been having with my office mate, and with Damian about the hiatus I've experienced in The Weekly Strip. At the moment I'm not sure how close I am solution with either problem, but I'm sure talking about it is a good first step.

Fact of the day: the first woman to study law in the UK was Cornelia Sorabjee, a Parsi Christian from India. She graduated in Civil Law at Oxford in 1894! On the minus side, she didn't get to the English Bar until 1923.

Speaking of which -- if your browser can cope with the Java (I crashed it once) you can find your hidden biases through the at -- fascinating for how uncomfortable it makes you feel, apart from anything else ... though I suppose it could do with spitting out little bits of HTML at the end saying "In common with 4% of the people who took the test, I have a moderate automatic positive bias towards black adults". Or not.

Did you spot I was on discrimination - your rights today?

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