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friday distraction

Use this drawing toy to create an enormous cult of you, worshipped by you. You know it makes sense (via monocat).

On that general topic, I watched Apocalypto! There wasn't enough flaying. In fact, there wasn't any flaying. The victim's-eye view of Aztec sacrifice was um, memorable, though. Also, we didn't get to see the girl eat the monkey! Swizz.

Oxford Blue cheese. Surprisingly blue.


12th Jan, 2007 15:35 (UTC)
My offering reminds me rather unnervingly of a cake K. once made, which was covered was butter icing with tiny M&Ms embedded over the whole of its uppermost surface:


Needless to say, eating the cake made me almost as ill as watching that animation. Can you get the creatures to do anything except really bad dance moves, I wonder? Stir that pot o' love, baybee!