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friday distractions

I've been looking for robot cats on Flickr. Not the cats I was looking for :( But look! a cat playing with a plush robot. What's not to like?

Chindogu lives! The vacuum cleaner shoes have arrrived, in concept at least. That site's worth a quick tag-surf, too, if you fancy finding out about chicken-feather textiles, fingerprint rings and other such delectable wearables ...

Pretty art things: a sculpture of a woman beaing eaten by flowers; an underwater sculpture with fish.

Further to a discussion about Powerpoint with timscience last night, I present le grand content, aspects of which may appeal to sparkymark and jackfirecat, among others. Ignore everything on the page except for the words "open movie", to avoid spoilers.

P.S. Apparently this video features Alison Goldfrapp doing something with a Theremin, but I won't be able to tell what it is until later.


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19th Jan, 2007 12:28 (UTC)
Later? I had a quick look, but could see no theremin. Where oh where is the theremin?
19th Jan, 2007 13:30 (UTC)
(sobs into her nasty cappuchino)
The interwebs have lied to me.
19th Jan, 2007 13:39 (UTC)
Re: (sobs into her nasty cappuchino)
Well, there's something that does sound like a theremin, but I can't see it.
19th Jan, 2007 13:49 (UTC)
ooh banana
There's definitely a theremin there. In the final chorus, held against her fanny (UK sense) and played with some enthusiasm. You've got to watch it through to the end though.
19th Jan, 2007 13:53 (UTC)
Re: ooh banana
Ah. Perhaps not at work maybe.
19th Jan, 2007 13:57 (UTC)
Re: ooh banana
Yes. Look what you made me do!!!
19th Jan, 2007 14:09 (UTC)
Re: ooh banana
Don't blame me! Alison Goldfrapp started it!
19th Jan, 2007 12:31 (UTC)
19th Jan, 2007 14:59 (UTC)
Power Corrupts, PowerPoint corrupts absolutely
Here's the Wired article I was ranting about.

Also, PowerPoint is responsible for the Columbia disaster.
19th Jan, 2007 21:21 (UTC)
Re: Power Corrupts, PowerPoint corrupts absolutely
Thus PowerPoint presentations too often resemble a school play -very loud, very slow, and very simple. The practical conclusions are clear. PowerPoint is a competent slide manager and projector.

For some oddness, most of the studes & tutes at Brookes prefer to print these test-only things out in the 'box' format with its delusions of words n pictures. I've opted instead for the 'layout view' so i can scribble extra notes in the clear space. As you do.
I've encountered friction in convincing studes that .ppt notes should be uploaded to the university's internal drive so on one hand its not taken too seriously. On the other, the product's worth is restrictive in content from the start, creating poor confidence in those who use it. "Embed Media" is as positive as it gets.

That article by Ed Tufte on Colombia and Powerpoint is worth the perseverance, as are the comments. Thanks for da links !
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19th Jan, 2007 15:49 (UTC)
Underwater sculpture? That reminds me of an Uwe Boll-styled serial murder mystery thingy I accidentally saw part of on the Sci-Fi Channel one time...

The murderer was creating his own underwater (lake) "Garden" of his (female) victims.
19th Jan, 2007 18:43 (UTC)
Re: Robot cats
Their mind-control lasers are set to "salmon".
20th Jan, 2007 10:39 (UTC)
kittens! roombas!
Life is good :)
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