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just briefly

Hiatus, my latest weekly strip, finally makes it into webspace. Whether this sorts out the problem or not remains to be seen next week ... Must go to work now, bye.


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2nd May, 2002 01:43 (UTC)
Dunno what the problem is, and whether it can be solved, but this is a great strip! I love the colours and the different styles.
2nd May, 2002 02:50 (UTC)
Re: Good!
Thank you, thank you and thank you (in the space of time it took me to find the polling station and vote, already a comment!) ... the problem is (enclosed in) the three-four week gap between this and the previous strip. And I'm not altogether sure what the problem is, either. Damian suggests that your 53rd weekly strip is a psychologically significant moment, I'm more inclined to blame problems, both inside and outside my head (shrug).
2nd May, 2002 03:13 (UTC)
Re: Good!
Or just LJ sucking all your energy? Something's definitely doing it to me -- I'm ten days behind with marking a set of OU scripts, and the next lot of marking has started to come in now. Still, only two left of the last lot to do.
6th May, 2002 06:01 (UTC)
Re: Good!
I'm four days behind in commenting on your comment, does that add to the general air of procrastination and delay?

Just seconding (thirding, fourthing) the comments on your latest strip, Jrmy -- very nice indeed. Love the contrast between the relaxing Amsterdam colours and the 'back at home' colours. Who's hosting your webspace now? I went over to alleged.demon.co.uk and saw no update there, and then went back to your link above & saw the diff.
6th May, 2002 15:23 (UTC)
Re: Good!
Black Cat, a dinky UK-based host selected by Damian. You get very cute messages while you're FTP-ing! We're still working on transference and updating. Time keeps falling away from us. We should put a message on alleged, though.
2nd May, 2002 03:43 (UTC)
Hooray. Excellent to have you back.

[Everything else I've tried typing here sounded either limp or American in the perjorative, gushy sense.]


[Ah. Sorted.]
2nd May, 2002 04:36 (UTC)
pretty :)
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