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detail of this week's strip

Technically speaking this is last week's strip but I was away for the weekend and didn't get to the last panel/page in time. Away away. Near Hereford somewhere where the orchards stretch on for miles. We didn't go on the cider trail, instead visiting Ludlow Castle, which went up and up into January skies and pigeons. There were cats in windows and boys on bouncy stilts, and much much lovely food and drink and a sauna and dinosaurs.

I have another cold.


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30th Jan, 2007 18:44 (UTC)
gosh wow. many other exclamations certifying your genius. Give me your cold, I will get it to someone who needs it !
30th Jan, 2007 19:25 (UTC)
Yeeha! The gorgeousness of colour!
...Wonder if Mothra soothes patients by having the teenyweeny singing girls do their thing?
30th Jan, 2007 20:18 (UTC)

Quite literally...

30th Jan, 2007 21:20 (UTC)
What beautiful psychedelia! Joyous.

If I'd know there was a cold coming I'd have left a much bigger soup.
31st Jan, 2007 11:03 (UTC)
Giant atomic powered monsters who bother you in the bath! Eek!
21st Feb, 2007 02:27 (UTC)
Laing and all that...
I'm not very good with this computer malarkey... Jeremy, it's Phil Greenaway typing (bang goes the anonymity)... I've got a live journal account somewhere, but i forget my password and am too out of it to check my ever so faulty recollection... all I wanted to say is you are the Hogarth of the modern age....what on earth are you doing anywhere near the subject of psychiatry... they'll screw up your brain if you let 'em...
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