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a weekend in herefordshire (pictures)

small golden puffin
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.

Apparently Flickr's in the news today, over its long-ago-announced decision to migrate everyone to Yahoo sign-ins. It makes little odds to me -- I accidentally merged my accounts a couple of months ago by clicking the wrong button on a sign-in page. It's made no difference at all, except that Flickr no longer says to me, "you must be old-skool, rock on" whenever I sign in. Which is a bit of a shame as I was an early adopter but pfeh. Smoother than merging my blogger ID with my google ID, which had an altogether predictable entirely unexpected result on my LJ feed.

Anyway, I've just put up a few photos -- mostly from Ludlow -- from my weekend away, on my Flickr stream, including the Deformasaurus and the Ludlowsaur and a guy on Powerizers.

P.S. Knithuhlu.


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31st Jan, 2007 23:46 (UTC)
The Golden Puffin! You found it!

Er. I was talking on the radio about this 2 weeks back. There was a (Puffin, of course) children's puzzle book where you had to find the (real) location of the Golden Puffin & save the planet as you do.

I thought it was in Cornwall but perhaps I was wrong! The last few puzzles were pretty hard...
1st Feb, 2007 11:38 (UTC)
Do I get a prize? Or to save the planet? Either will do :)
1st Feb, 2007 11:42 (UTC)
IIRC finding the puffin was meant to be prize enough!
1st Feb, 2007 11:48 (UTC)
31st Jan, 2007 23:47 (UTC)
i hate flickr now because at the moment ive got my name and now i'll have to make a yahoo account where ALL the good names have gone and i'll have to be something like br1tn3yluvr69 or something. BOO FLICKR.
1st Feb, 2007 11:32 (UTC)
Ah, yes. Whereas I'm finding that fit I had of going around getting IDs in my own name(s) is really paying off. Apart from that unfortunate ebay ID whose sign-up info I've lost all of in an email address move, that is.

"Oh noes! Someone's *already* registered cleanskies on ebay!"
"Yup. That'd be you."
1st Feb, 2007 11:33 (UTC)
i'm going to burn down the internet and start again.
1st Feb, 2007 19:45 (UTC)
I keep seeing people worried about this, but that's not how it works. Merging your Yahoo and Flickr logins doesn't stop you changing your screen name whenever you like. As far as I can tell, Flickr never shows your Yahoo name to other users.
1st Feb, 2007 20:02 (UTC)
oh good, thank you! i couldnt see anything anywhere about it and there didnt seem to be an faq either.. good... i still don't want a yahoo account though.. booo yahoo. thanks for info tho!
1st Feb, 2007 09:50 (UTC)
Mergers and acquisitions
I have not enjoyed merging my blogger ID with my Google ID *at all*. I have two Google IDs, one for real life and one for blogging, so now I can't use Google reader (real life) and Gmail (real life) at the same time as Blogger (parallel life) *unless* I do one in IE and one in Firefox, which I am sure does not count as an elegant workaround. I am not happy. jo
1st Feb, 2007 11:35 (UTC)
glad I'm not the only one
My gmail address and notepad were mostly used for spam, subscriptions and multiple machine cut-and-paste -- the blogger account is serious, nay wanky even. The two do not marry in my head at all.
1st Feb, 2007 10:30 (UTC)
Throw the Yahoo down the well, then my country will be free
OMG I've got to use 'The Man's' log on?! How could they, the bastards!!!

Clearly I do subconsciously seek out irk, because I looked at a number of threads with messages like the above over the last day or so, even though I could guess what people were going to say before I looked at them.

I shall go and lie down in a darkened room instead.
1st Feb, 2007 11:08 (UTC)
don't forget to tag them all 'wii'
you don't want to miss out on the opportunity to join in on Yahoo's bright new >brand universe...

They seem to be enjoying shooting themselves in the foot at the moment.
1st Feb, 2007 11:47 (UTC)
awww bless
That looks like a potential fume cupboard.

Me, I just wish they'd sort out that infuriating refresh click on the all-new yahoo mail. I'm sick of having to switch back to save my blood pressure ...
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