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Everyone I've spoken to so far today slept badly last night, and/or had weird dreams. Spooky. Except for the occupational health guy who had other things on his mind, mostly anxiety about his daughter who works in a London theatre and is therefore always going home on her own at 11pm at night. In a typical reversal of the Dr/patient relationship, I was upbeat and reassuring. But other than that, everyone, and their children, and Jason-who-I've-not-seen for months, and R in admin, too. timscience had one about being plagued by crap psychic phenomena (including being haunted by pigs that cough and drink your beer) while I spent the night frantically catching up with people (about all of whom I'm now thinking, shit! I should really catch up with them!) and waking up, occasionally with a face full of purring cat. Which, as I've told Teazel before, is bad contact, but given that his head is entirely full of fluff it'll take a few more tellings yet I think...

That sky outside looks ominous, like snow. Yesterday was lovely. I thought I'd got sunburn initially, but it's chemical -- lelandii slap and sap. I'm mildly allergic (or it's mildly poisonous) and yesterday's adventures on a step ladder clearly involved too much close contact as my hands and arms are gloved with weals, nips and scratches. On the other hand, I now have a (fairly) neatly topped lelandia, so a winner is me! While I'm aware that I really ought to be eradicating them like the poisonous weed s they are, recent weather has brought home their value as a windbreak, and while I could get the same thing from planting something native, it'd mean (at least) a five year wait. Or using alder or willow which is generally considered impolite in the suburbs because of their habit of searching out and penetrating your neighbours' drains. Given that I back onto some seven households, not a good idea. That said, if they turn out to be no good to hang my hammock from, they're gone.

Band practice last night went well -- "Barbie is a Robot" (the new song) sounds great with the bass, and I got my allosaurs in the right order (mostly). As well as obviating the need to lug a bass amp around the place, ginger_princess's new bass pod is a real object of beauty -- softly glowing displays, Cronenbergish curves and lots of buttons.


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5th Feb, 2007 12:28 (UTC)
Everyone I've spoken to so far today slept badly last night, and/or had weird dreams

You, too?
5th Feb, 2007 12:36 (UTC)
I was insomniac last night which is extremely rare for me, I'm usually asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.
5th Feb, 2007 12:41 (UTC)
plagued by crap psychic phenomena (including being haunted by pigs that cough and drink your beer)

Arf; Can't top that, but I was (unknown to myself-)sitting in a special train seat which ejected bad people like me,on a big ducking-hook thing, out a window and into the water, whenever the train went over a bridge. You were then lifted out and back into the train, so I felt I couldn't complain, but I didn't like it at all...
Have always thought lelandia unfairly maligned, myself, probably because I am a bad person (laziness dept.) Still think you've done well to give them a chance, though. I'm sure they'll do you a favour in return.
5th Feb, 2007 13:57 (UTC)
ahhh! duck the witch!
Well -- the lelandii do seem to be providing habitat for quite a lot of insects. I think they'll be OK if I manage them a bit.
5th Feb, 2007 15:06 (UTC)
The psychic phenomena seemed especially crap. The pigs were supposed to be some sort of fury/wild hunt type avatars of tracking you down to the ends of the earth, but my dream self's reaction was a tired "for fvck's sake, can't you do better than that?". Same with the dancing giggling tree branches which far from being a portent of horror (which was definitely their job) were so irritating that I was forced to snap them in two at the knees.
5th Feb, 2007 20:51 (UTC)
Crap Phenomena...
Jeez, was Derek Acorah involved at all?
5th Feb, 2007 15:07 (UTC)
No bad dreams, but up all night with stomach-ache, fairly common for me if I stuff my face with otherwise tasty restaurant cooked chinese food.* I was staying at a chums house last night and was caught red handed rifling through kitchen cupboards in the early hours hunting for pain-killers. Duh!

* Note to self, I know prawn toast is so bloody greasy it invariably sets me off, but I still ate it cos it tasted good.. Idiot.
5th Feb, 2007 15:38 (UTC)
mmm. prawn toast.
5th Feb, 2007 15:26 (UTC)
I dreamed that Lil' Chris was a wronged ghost who was pestering me as I was trying to shepherd people around a castle in Elidor. In the end I made friends with Lil' Chris and he stopped being quite so annoying, merely sad that we had found a way to escape said fictional country by jumping off a turret.

Then I dreamed I was in a very crowded Hamleys, where the ex Pope was giving out blessings to anyone who was Polish (I'm not sure why I wanted a blessing but I think it was necessary in order to escape Hamleys). Suddenly I was a Polish housewife carrying a small swaddled baby: I waved the baby at the Pope and he let me out through his turnstile onto New Oxford Street, where loads of Australians were having a rollerblading race.

I think I shall xpost this to cheese_dreams.
5th Feb, 2007 15:40 (UTC)
That'll teach you to read Alan Garner on an empty stomach.
5th Feb, 2007 16:48 (UTC)
I had a perfectly normal dream. I was down on a familiar bit of coast with friends and then decided to go on a coach trip to Barry Island led by Derren Brown. We stopped off in a really seedy pub and I had to go to the loo, which was huge and communal and full of people which was unfortunate as I can't go when people (especially drunk hairy Welshmen) are looking. After frustratedly sitting around waiting for them to go away for quite some time my unconscious finally twigged that it needed to wake me up and get me into the bathroom...
5th Feb, 2007 22:04 (UTC)
Yeah bad sleeping. I blame the stress of moving along with a very cold head. I woke up first while taking a lift to the top floor of conspiracy central I hid from the security guards in a loo (yes a loo in the lift). Best not to anayse that one too closely. My dreams finally ended with reality breaking down into a line of coloured dots. I hate bizarre abstract dreams.
5th Feb, 2007 22:25 (UTC)
I slept badly aswell, but then that's not unusual for me.

Can you explain what a bass pod is please?
5th Feb, 2007 23:22 (UTC)
Erm... my knowledge is weak in such areas, but it looks a bit like this one, I expect Jo would be able to tell you the exact model (apparently Phil has one too, you might be able to get a look at his more easily now Jo's not in town)
5th Feb, 2007 23:25 (UTC)
ah, that's Phil-ex-of-Evenings, as opposed to any other Phil...
6th Feb, 2007 00:13 (UTC)
Oh don't worry, I'm just as crap with all things techie aswell. But I remember well the problem of trying to get heavy bass amps from A to B, so anything that replaces it would be good. I expect that mzdt or somebody would be able to explain to me if I wanted to know more.
6th Feb, 2007 11:42 (UTC)
Basically it's an effects unit, but the main thing is that it has amp modelling. This means we can make it sound like it's coming through a bass amp, which means, as you say, no more heavy bass amp carrying.
6th Feb, 2007 14:08 (UTC)
What are you plugging it into though, where's the sound actually coming out of? Do you use a normal guitar amp or are you plugging it straight into the PA? Apologies for being dense!
6th Feb, 2007 12:54 (UTC)
I am talking about people you don't know. I had you confused with another bass player with a superficially similar name. Evidence suggests that I wasn't very on the ball last night. Bass pod is a convenient size to shove into a small rucksack or shoulderbag, so lessens lugging considerably ... I think Jo got hers second-hand and therefore cheaper, by watching ebay hawklike.
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