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the sound of space > 80s smooth jazz sax

Band news 1: Space Heroes of the People play the cellar this thursday. In addition to the song in which I shout about dinosaurs (Dinosaurs!), this gig is also the first performance of Barbie is a Robot, in which I shout about, um, Barbie. Being a robot. Space Heroes do not like to complicate things. Thanks to the entirety of the Oxford gigging scene saying they'd love to put Space Heroes on but they're booked up for the next five months* it's the last gig for a bit, so if you're curious, come. Space Heroes are on first, supporting Witches and The Rock of Travolta -- but it's the Cellar so we're not expecting much to happen before 8.30pm.

Band news 2: Space Heroes are on the Download Demo slot this week. That's where you listen to three demos and vote on which one gets played in its entirety next week. Assuming that you don't want to curse! Realplayer for half an hour while poking the forward-five-minutes button (it wasn't fun), I'm going to transcribe from memory what was actually said. Your actors are Tim (presenter), Sidekick of Tim (co-presenter) and Ronan (editor of Oxford music mag Nightshift and bringer of the demos).

Following a bit of opening banter, they're straight into a tiny, rough-sounding, oddly-cut clip of Space Heroes Groovy Dancer. [You can listen to the rest of the Demo there, too.] Ronan immediately chips in with how you have to see this band live because the demo doesn't capture a fraction of how exciting the live show is, because they have a fantastic live drummer who just bangs on and on and doesn't quit, and how amazing she is, how like a metronome, and gives a bit of background and pedigree about the band, members etc. and then Tim chips in with how they had to cut the clip they played because of a naughty word, and sidekick agrees, using the words apparently even robots swear. Next up is a slice of 80s smooth jazz from The Colins of Paradise -- a couple of verses -- you should wait until you hear the singer come in, at least. Tim and sidekick and Ronan praise this enthusiastically for being so different from what they normally get sent in, and describe it as refreshing. Then Tim and sidekick go off into an extended banter about whether or not Bob Holness played the saxophone in Baker Street [as debunked in popular christmas gift book Bears Can't Run Downhill] and then, having exhausted that, mockulate Ronan by telling him he should go on Mastermind with the special topic of 80s music. Ronan points out that there are huge quantities of 80s music he knows nothing about, which Tim and Sidekick clearly [and probably correctly] disbelieve. Back on the music, they summarise the tracks briefly and Tim asides that Space Heroes sound not altogether unlike Neu!, at which point Sidekick opines that audience is likely to be composed of ignorant mud-grubbing island monkeys who know not of this Neu! of which they speak. Some disagreement about how much (if any) of their audience is Neu!-ignorant mud-grubbing island monkeys follows. The end.

If you care at all about the freedom of robots to swear, vote Space Heroes. Mud-grubbing island monkeys will thank you. In person.

*I may be exaggerating. A bit.


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13th Feb, 2007 13:13 (UTC)
Ah, I had already voted for Space Heroes, but now wish I'd used your handy link with the good phrasing. Ttt.

I ended up listening to the Download several times over the weekend, trying to get to the actual Space Heroes bit (a couple of times I paused the stream & ended up losing the internet connection, and I only found the fast-forward button after a couple of tries. Not that it forwards very fastly.). It seems quite listenable, but I wish it was a podcast instead of streamed - I'd listen to it regularly then.
13th Feb, 2007 13:51 (UTC)
Thankyou for voting space heroes and standing up for robots' right to swear.
13th Feb, 2007 13:52 (UTC)
Very brave! I've seen on other shows direct links to the different sections within a show, which does improve things a bit, but the BBC streams are pretty irritating nevertheless.
13th Feb, 2007 18:08 (UTC)
brave, or
stubborn. No damn streaming media is going to get the better of me!
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