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too polite to heckle gilbert and george

We went to visit the slides at the Tate in half-term week and came back alive and not too aggravated by overachieving parents attempting to shove their rather small children down the ducts of doom. Level 3 just lets you feel the fun before it drops you off. Level 5 is a G-force treat that pushes back the skin on your face. Carsten Höller (it turns out I've enjoyed him before at the Tate) wants slides to be adopted for regular use -- perhaps for exiting office blocks or theatres. They're updating the fire escapes on this building (or at any rate, the rickety iron ladder arrangement has been officially declared Unsafe) -- maybe I could suggest it. We do have a suggestion scheme. I've even had a previous suggestion accepted. His Sliding Doors have reappeared too, on Level 3. We had fun finding out just the right spot to stand to close them all at once.

But much to timscience's disappointment, it was already too late already for the level 4 slides, now cut off by enormous Gilbert & George art walls. We went up to sniff around what was already visible (it opens on Thursday) and found; gallery constructors zipping around on Mr Plant Scissor lifts, an artists's manifesto talking about getting in touch with normal people (by cutting us off from the slides!?), and Gilbert & George having a coffee with their agent in the coffee shop, inbetween being swept around the exhibition by various gallery folks and kissed by effusive fellow artistes. Even though we had the perfect opportunity, I was too shy to complain about the lack of slide access, but I did eat a coconut pyramid in plain sight, quite close to them. I like to think it got the point across.


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13th Feb, 2007 18:19 (UTC)
Go You!
Gosh, I would never have had the nerve to eat a coconut pyramid in front of Gilbert and George!
14th Feb, 2007 11:26 (UTC)
and a macchiato!
... truly I am an artiststalker of the highest degree.
13th Feb, 2007 18:49 (UTC)
> I did eat a coconut pyramid in plain sight, quite close to them. I like to think it got the point across.

I dont get the reference but good for you !

13th Feb, 2007 19:30 (UTC)
That level 5 one is serious, isn't it? I quite liked the desultory approach to health and safety, like those baseball caps are going to save anyone from anything. jo
14th Feb, 2007 11:25 (UTC)
They had baseball caps? We saw no baseball caps! There were a bunch of elbow pads, but they were being used by absolutely no-one.
13th Feb, 2007 22:16 (UTC)
Oh, Gilbert and George...

I haven't thought about those two in...prolly seven years.

Are they still being relevently irreverent, or whatever it is that they are?
14th Feb, 2007 11:24 (UTC)
no longer enfants terribles
They've become grande dames of the UK art scene now, as witnessed by the ENORMOUS Tate retrospective. Still plenty of the filthy filthy rude, mind.
14th Feb, 2007 00:17 (UTC)
Sorry you missed level four - i thought that was the best.

The secret is the construction of the turbine hall; there are massive horizontal girders bracing the walls, spaced two floors apart, so every other floor - every even-numbered floor, as it happens - has a girder running past it.

That means that on those floors, when the tube goes out, it has to make a sharp drop right at the start to get round the girder. And that means a big kick of speed and/or fear right at the start, making for a thrilling and/or terrifying ride.

Also, the fifth floor one had a pretty ropey curve at the bottom, where it wasn't done at all smoothly. Juddertastic!

-- tom
14th Feb, 2007 11:21 (UTC)
yeah, but
The kids had worked out that if you screamed as you went over the juddery bit, it sounded really cool. Not me -- I slide in silence :)
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