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Well, are you watching Primeval, or not, then? If not, you'll never find out whether the mild-mannered Arthropleurid had a poisonous flesh-gobbling relative, and why Aldwych Tube Station was really closed (so the army could exterminate the proto-scorpionids, duh). Next week we go underwater to play with Mosasaurs! It's flesh-gobbling fun! ... oh, and there's a plot arc, character development featuring believable interactions, a doomed goverment cover-up, and hints of something darker. If you like that sort of thing. Also (and even better) the characters all have different hair and clothes.*

I'm not going to recommend that you watch Top Gear. But I am going to point out that last night's edition featured:
  • Jeremy Clarkson removing all SUVs from the Cool Wall.
  • Simon Pegg sharing stories about firearms as this week's star in a reasonably priced car.
  • Rocket car death-dodger Richard Hammond and the vague hairy one turning a Reliant Robin into a Space Shuttle, then launching it several thousand feet into the air on an ENORMOUS rocket. Explosive bolts, remote piloting system, the works.
  • Top Gear Dog in a wind tunnel.
Should you decide, entirely independently, that this sounds worth throwing a contemptuous glance at, as you leaf through your Jane Austen or Hunter S., it's repeated. Wednesday, BBC 2, 7pm.

Yesterday was a domestic day. I got the woodpecker door-knocker (a gift from mum) onto the wall, backed up load of music files, polyfillaed about half of the terrifying spider holes in the electrics cupboard and converted an old Le Creuset kettle into a hanging basket. Perhaps next time I should *start* with cleaning the bathroom?

The title is something someone said to me in a dream last night. I had to pick a duck, but the choice was really limited; a bespoke duck.

*If there was one thing about Torchwood that was a constant jab in the eye, it was how everyone dressed the same, even down to using the same shade of brown hair-dye. It was like looking at a Vertigo comic before Grant Morrison.


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19th Feb, 2007 15:54 (UTC)
*dribble* Top Gear is such darn good fun. Can I point out that it's also repeated on BBC3 at 8pm on Saturday?
19th Feb, 2007 15:59 (UTC)
Space Shuttle! Explosions! Model Robin Reliant Craft! Eeeee!

um, yes.
20th Feb, 2007 09:36 (UTC)
That space shuttle was amazing. I noticed some engineers, some mechanics, I think, off Scrap Heap Challenge and even a project manager. Shame about the external fuel tank detachment mechanism.
19th Feb, 2007 23:09 (UTC)
I also love Top Gear.
There, I said it. I feel better now.
19th Feb, 2007 16:06 (UTC)
I really don't know if Primeval is made barely watchable for me by the plot or Hannah from S Club 7 in a vest.

Hey, at least I'm honest.
19th Feb, 2007 16:18 (UTC)
Ah, that's why hot herpetologist looks almost imperceptibly familiar. Her and Sure Shot Sam are so getting it on. Probably during the Permian extinction event, which turns out all to be the fault of the lying lying time-travelling wife thing.
19th Feb, 2007 16:28 (UTC)
I was working on a pop video show at the time, honest, m'lud.

Pretty boy rubbish student with database was either in Tracey Beaker or another kid's series called 'out of tune', I'm fairly sure.

I should get out more. Or get a different job.
19th Feb, 2007 16:46 (UTC)
I wish someone really would make a decent online Dinosaur database. Bristol's own Dinobase is ever-so comprehensive but really rather ugly -- and NHM's Dino Directory has lovely pictures but not as many dinosaurs ...

oh, but it has an RSS feed! Yay!
20th Feb, 2007 14:08 (UTC)
I saw it on South Today. Sign of the apocalypse, for sure.
19th Feb, 2007 18:26 (UTC)
Poo! I missed Primeval. I really wanted to see the giant milipede and all.
20th Feb, 2007 14:04 (UTC)
awww ....
They'd made this monster SPECIALLY for the series, too -- a sort of mega-centipede. They do an afternoon repeat on Sunday if you miss the Saturday show. But, being ITV, they will ON NO ACCOUNT tell you this.
19th Feb, 2007 18:41 (UTC)
What colour were Barrowman's braces...?
I cannae remember.

Not that I really care....

19th Feb, 2007 19:12 (UTC)
I see we have synced our viewing habits again. The space shuttle reliant was really rather good.
19th Feb, 2007 21:12 (UTC)
Your last line made me laugh out loud! I don't know much about Grant Morrison, but I still KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN.
PS Are you coming to the UK Web/Minicomix thing? This year I would like to a) arrive more than 5 minutes before closing and b) if at all possible, say hello to you. Let me know!
20th Feb, 2007 14:05 (UTC)
not sure yet
I should, but I may decide to hide instead.
21st Feb, 2007 00:12 (UTC)
Re: not sure yet
Well, let me know how things go...if not there's always the 24th chez toi!
It would be great to talk WoM....
20th Feb, 2007 17:35 (UTC)
That wasn't the only jab in the eye.
I have been known to watch Top Gear voluntarily. In preference to other programmes , even, and had heard this week that it has just upped its game. Confirmation is good but what I want to do now is watch that episode, obviously.

By the by, were you interested in either crafting or book club? I sense some life admin coming on in the near future, hopefully followed by the issuing of invitations...
20th Feb, 2007 18:00 (UTC)
I need to turn some old t-shirts into cushions and leather-bind some small rude comics. At the very least.

The sixteen books I am reading already bar me from book club.

20th Feb, 2007 18:25 (UTC)
I probably forgot a few
Bears can't run downhill
Fun Home
Firebirds Rising
The Good, the bad and the Undead
Why don't Penguins' feet freeze?
The Girl with the Golden Bouffant
Fruits Basket
The Winter Book
The Encylopedia of Pteranosaurs
Seven Stars
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