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embroidered spacemen!

Slideshow for friday: check out Manish Arora at London Fashion week. Bladerunner wigs, skullcaps covered with sequinned circuitry, and embroidered space scenes. Shiny!

Anyone tempted to surf the links along the side, be warned: you'll have to look through a lot of pictures of depressed models draped in grey woolen curtains liberally larded with the words "exquisite" and "classic" to dig out the gems...

That said, it looks like retro futurism is definitely "in" -- in this collection, Jean-Pierre Braganza's star trek/knitting inspired collection drives a fashion journalist to use the word "stonking". Try picture 21.

Actually, I'm being a buit unfair. There's something for everyone, really, whether you like foppish lady/boys, retro prints, neon flappers or handmade gothic lolitas.

More inclined to make you laugh is MAN. Oh noes! Topman's knits and anoraks have GONE INSANE!

P.S. Feline reactions to bearded men (via fridgemagnet, I think)

P.P.S. Yes alright I macroed the fashion thing.

fashion boy macro


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9th Mar, 2007 14:21 (UTC)
Those models look barely human.
9th Mar, 2007 14:26 (UTC)
Oh, I agree. Especially the Top Man guy with a shiny leather bucket on his head (pffffff).
9th Mar, 2007 15:27 (UTC)
Haha, I was just about to comment about that one! Best of all:

"There was a time in the early 90s when some of us at fuk.co.uk spent unhealthy amounts of their time reaching for the lazers in warehouses up and down the county. Arriving late to the MAN show we feared for a moment that we were in the grip of a flashback. From giant screens flashing images projected a dancing gang of dayglo-clad ravers whilst the sound system hurled ear-bleeding techno at our eardrums. To our relief we remembered it was just the Latin American Civilisation/MySpace-inspired collection from Cassette Playa making its debut. "
9th Mar, 2007 15:30 (UTC)
That's the point! In the future we will all be hybrid cyborg androids with laser eyes. Or at least I will. The rest of you fleshy ones can bow to your robot masters.

The fashion world is preparing us for this inevitable sequence of events in the only way it can - by producing insane but beautiful space alien embroidery.
9th Mar, 2007 16:41 (UTC)
and cosmic light-up hats

[if we could only just EDIT comments ...]
9th Mar, 2007 18:08 (UTC)
9th Mar, 2007 15:46 (UTC)
A furry?
9th Mar, 2007 16:47 (UTC)
oh no no no!
I think you'll find that's "a stylish reinterpretation of acid house - only without the childish ugliness of the original - cross-bred with punk tailoring".

Uh, right. And the girly version comes with disturbing pom-poms.

Furries in Fashion Week! Apocalypse is on us!
9th Mar, 2007 17:17 (UTC)
Hey, not bad, I'm already wearing stuff like Marios Schwab to work, so I'll be keeping an eye out for more of this gear to reach the high street. Tailored Corporate Cyber is my everyday look, er...man.

Even better, if it gets into Vogue my mum'll be up for buying me stuff like this.

(Cheers too, I've bookmarked the linkies for Spacegirl inspiration.)

9th Mar, 2007 20:24 (UTC)
Oh, girl, I am totally throwing that on randompictures with credit to you.
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