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just quickly

Ian, Damian, and any other people interested in seeing straaaaange pictures of them should look here and here. Oh yeah, I heart my Holga.


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3rd May, 2002 04:35 (UTC)
Coool. Take weird photos of me on Sunday. Pleeeease.
3rd May, 2002 05:19 (UTC)
Can I also take weird pictures of Cassie, please?
as she already looks more than a little like a special effct.
3rd May, 2002 05:40 (UTC)
Re: Can I also take weird pictures of Cassie, please?
Well, as long as I can scan copies afterwards :)
3rd May, 2002 09:16 (UTC)
Babs telling me the saga of her daughter's vibrator - ew
So, what was the saga of Babs' daughter's vibrator?

Inquiring minds want to know!
3rd May, 2002 17:09 (UTC)
you have got to be kidding
Well, it's like this you see. Her daughter, bought a vibrator, at an Anne Summers party. And she thinks there's nothing wrong with that, nothing wrong with that at all, in fact [long digression about her wonderful levels of tolerance where her children's sex life is concerned deleted for reasons of brevity, blood pressure and good taste] and anyway, her husband found out, and he just hit the roof!!!! [pause for ?laughter ?exclamation] He just hit the roof!!!! [this bit can go on for some time] ...and he was saying, well, what do you want one of them for??? And really, she thinks, he should start living in the modern world [long digression about her husband's "old fashioned" attitutes deleted to avoid your dying of boredom] and anyway, he only found out because her son, and oh, he is terrible! terrible! [laugh] Just terrible! [louder laugh] He is so bad, he just can't keep a secret. I suppose maybe it's his age [digression about her opinions about the needs and attitudes of 16-yr old boys deleted for (a vaguely disturbing blend of)utter implausibility and blinding obviousness] but anyway, anyway, he overheard her getting a text message from her friend [presumably, like her, her daughter can't read anything without muttering it at the same time] about her new toy, and he guessed what it was about, and her husband said, well, what new toy is that, and her son said, her vibrator [laughter] and her husband just hit the roof!!! [pauses, awaiting ?response] He just hit the roof!!! And really ... [you have the salient points so I'll cut the full repeat, the partial repeat, the digressions about condoms, the pill, and her husband's reaction to them, her comments on her son's attitudes, as well as the champing, smirking, knowing looks, incessant laughter, etc. etc.]

The horror. The horror.
4th May, 2002 19:43 (UTC)
Re: you have got to be kidding

She got a vibrator and her father wasn't pleased.

Wow. I'm finally beginning to get a small inkling of just how bad Babs really is. 8 long lines, trimmed of digressions and repeats. I no longer think you should kill her. You should kill her and her entire family and bury them under a crossroads at midnight.

And you have to put up with this for hours at a time?

I have newfound levels of sympathy.
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