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How bizarre. I just started a wash cycle, and promptly got spam from a washing machine. Coincidence, or has my house started spontaneously networking?

Also, I seem to have left my phone, ah, somewhere. Bum. (now found)


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15th Mar, 2007 12:50 (UTC)
You're having an electronic washing machine soundscape disco, and you never invited me?
15th Mar, 2007 13:26 (UTC)
It's my appliances having the party. They've banned me to the living room until I bring them glowsticks.
15th Mar, 2007 12:54 (UTC)
The world will be detroyed by a lego spaceship
Any way I can contact you to meet for the gig?
15th Mar, 2007 13:15 (UTC)
Re: The world will be detroyed by a lego spaceship
I found it. It was under your bed. Teazel says hi. Well, he said miaow, but I knew what he meant.
15th Mar, 2007 13:05 (UTC)
I've got spam from the fridge. Does that count?
15th Mar, 2007 13:24 (UTC)
Spam from the fridge?
15th Mar, 2007 15:57 (UTC)

Actually, that would make a great name for a bargain-basement supervillain: "Beware my exploding ice-cubes!"
16th Mar, 2007 03:07 (UTC)
Where in town I can buy those pages n pens that tap directly into the soul and draw comics while my brain sleeps ?
16th Mar, 2007 10:27 (UTC)
I fell asleep while drawing a comic last night and it wasn't a very effective way of getting it finished. I can't even remember how it was supposed to end.
16th Mar, 2007 19:14 (UTC)
Don't we just hate that ? I'm missing two third acts of political transformers stories. I haven't been to bed since 1am. I ended up filling two pages using the solution Ryan&opportunity&public-stress&losing-cartoonist-virginity
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