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... but it's one of my most favourite. A little while ago jinxremoving approached me to illustrate some articles for The Skinny that were broadly about bisexual issues. She sent me the roughs of a couple of the articles and I drew some pictures ...

The titles are the titles of the pictures -- not of the articles!

Ex with a feller!

Straight for British men...

Challenge or be silent?

I wanted to make the pictures positive, but the less positive one's probably what works best in context ... the articles are interesting pieces, too -- I was particularly taken by Sarah G's report of discovering herself "identifying as domestically lesbian but internationally bisexual" ... and rather amused to find myself thinking, in return -- "what, is there something wrong with British women?" Eh-heheheheh.


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30th Mar, 2007 13:43 (UTC)
"It's complicated!" is a perfectly reasonable rallying cry - at least, in my experience, when trying to explain polyamory to certain people...
30th Mar, 2007 14:01 (UTC)
Nice pictures.

I think "it's complicated" is a bit of discouraging factor in that context. Not that I can't see the appeal of complexity in a general sense, but in this case it's just another barrier to something already surrounded by barriers.
31st Mar, 2007 11:08 (UTC)
Heh heh! I love the illustration for "Ex with fella" gorgeous human observation there... I recognised the scenario and grinned at the same time.
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