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The timing was coincidental! protests gallery owner who chose to display a life size milk chocolate crucified jesus during Easter week. Did I mention he was naked? He's naked.

For sex-crazed Linux programmers everywhere comes I rub my penguin, the antarctic chum that's battery-powered fun to be with. Personally I think this is perfect for the friday afternoon office environment, but your office may disagree.

A bird made from nails and shells.


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30th Mar, 2007 13:58 (UTC)
sorry - what's Christianity got to do with the annual festival of chocolate?*

They're complaining he's put the religion back into Easter, or what?

* not that I celebrate either, to be honest.
30th Mar, 2007 14:23 (UTC)
Life Size Milk Chocolate Crucified Jesus is a good band name.
30th Mar, 2007 14:25 (UTC)
Chocolate Jesus Penis?
30th Mar, 2007 14:37 (UTC)
"I think somebody's licked it off already." No, hang on. "Licking the Chocolate Jesus."
30th Mar, 2007 14:42 (UTC)
"Christ's Chocolatey Cock"?
30th Mar, 2007 14:53 (UTC)
That sounds like something you might shout if you dropped something heavy on your foot.
30th Mar, 2007 14:55 (UTC)
"Jesus H Christ's Chocolatey Cock on a Bike"

("Chocolate Cocks on Bikes" for short)
30th Mar, 2007 15:03 (UTC)
christus chocolatus cyclus (ccc for short, like the pilgrims)
30th Mar, 2007 15:06 (UTC)
Ha! Latinate show off!
30th Mar, 2007 15:30 (UTC)
Hmm. We can sin so long as we repent, right?

starts reading "101 uses of chocolate in sodomy" again
30th Mar, 2007 15:33 (UTC)
Also: I didn't know that pilgrims were short. Well I never.
30th Mar, 2007 16:13 (UTC)
That just goes so wrong in a racial mindset. ;-)
30th Mar, 2007 16:44 (UTC)
Well, that was /part/ of the offense I was intending...
30th Mar, 2007 20:34 (UTC)
Cancelled Chocolate Jesus
31st Mar, 2007 11:33 (UTC)
Chocolate crucified Jesus
But was he hollow with sweeties inside or solid ? !
2nd Apr, 2007 13:05 (UTC)
Re: Chocolate crucified Jesus
If he was hollow he'd have had to be blown.
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