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had a bit of a tiring weekend

Sand Tells Us Where the Seeds Are Sown
Originally uploaded by Damian Cugley.

Reclaimed the couch grass choked wasteland on the far side of the path. Wildflower mix. Canary vine for the big metal dragonfly. Sunflowers along the back fence. damiancugley photographed the lot of it as you can see if you click around a bit after you've gone through the Flickr.

Also helped timscience sort out a few vexing issues in his garden. Given that he views plants as dangerous rogue biotechnology apt to turn on the human race at the twitch of a tendril, I was most impressed at his tender concern for his (slightly less rampant than last year) passion vine.

In the meantime, I face a moral dilemma. The gym is full of lovely shiny machines, a steamy steam room and a toasty sauna. Classes and personal fitness program are included. They have a spinning room. But isn't joining a gym the height of Western decadence, morally reprehensible and probably environmentally destructive to boot? Heated pool! Noxious chemicals! Small fuzzy men coming across to tell you you're looking great! Unhealthy social atmosphere!

On the other hand so far the free 3-day pass has provided me with a low-impact work-out followed by stretches that has just settled the aches and pains from spending the weekend digging perfectly.

It's just like that bit where Xerxes has his hands on Leonidas's shoulders, isn't it? I'm being tempted.


P.S. I can't believe no-one wanted the Barbie hair accessories! Still many items left in the virtual car boot sale.


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10th Apr, 2007 17:38 (UTC)
Small fuzzy men? Are you sure you haven't confused gym bunnies with stuffed dinosaurs?
10th Apr, 2007 18:12 (UTC)
Does the posh gym have those wobble-plate things you stand on and get miraculaously made all muscular and hott?
(I can't remember what they're called...Madonna uses one.)
10th Apr, 2007 22:08 (UTC)
Gyms always make me feel like I'm stuck in a hamster wheel. And they smell of sweat and chlorine. They cost a fortune too...
10th Apr, 2007 22:47 (UTC)
Unhealthy social atmosphere? Pffft. The Abi'sauna's where I catch up on all the local gossip. Once, I even got chatted up (I think - he *was* Iranian, and quite a few Iranians I've met seem to feel a duty to extend some degree of gallant flattery to all females they meet, so you can't quite tell). The line roughly went -
* You look a bit like Steffie Graf (i.e. what a conk!)
* did you know Steffi Graf is married to Andre Agassi...
* ... who is half Iranian
* ... whereas I am all Iranian ...

Only time though. Monday night I bumped into a colleague in the sauna and we sat talking laptops clad in our swimmies - one in the eye for Wahabi-ism (sp?) and its insane and creepy ideas about people at risk of sexual explosion should an elbow be spotted.

I do actually do exercise as well but that doesn't really lend itself to description. Apart from the time someone clonked me on the head with a 10kg dumbell. Which of course (as you know about that sort of thing) I should say ONLY HAPPENED ONCE. And I've never fallen off the treadmill.

Also there was the time we were accosted in yoga class by someone who we hadn't seen since OUSFG twenty years ago and didn't recognise at first because she hadn't been a natural blonde then :P whereas I dye my hair more or less the colour it was before all the trauma and the weasel remains unchanged but for a better haircut and fancy specs.

I am sure the weasel will have a different tale to tell though. I am still not sure why he comes along :)
10th Apr, 2007 23:06 (UTC)
Join the gym. Life is full of compromises. I am with Bruce Sterling on this one http://www.well.com/conf/inkwell.vue/topics/289/Bruce-Sterling-State-of-the-Worl-page01.html#post9

(except that obviously he has got the best and 2nd best ways of reducing emissions the wrong way round)

11th Apr, 2007 08:36 (UTC)
Good blog but there really is no need to kill people. If the doom mongers are correct Gaia will do it for herself.
10th Apr, 2007 23:14 (UTC)
Gym! No!
You're So Not A Gym Person. Trust me. Decide which bits you need to stretch and find a nice East Oxford pay-as-you-go way to stretch them. Poolwise, if you can't face local authority Yoof-and-Fungus, there's always OX4 rate at the adult-only low-chlorine Rosenblatt (http://www.sport.ox.ac.uk/sports-facilities/rosenblatt-swimming-pool). See you down the deep end? jo x
11th Apr, 2007 08:41 (UTC)
As other writers have implied a gym is not about exercise. If you want to be fit enough to weed the garden and walk to work then weed the garden and walk to work. If for some reaon you want to be fitter then find a bit of floor to stretch and do press ups and run to work.
Like most modern ideas a gym is partly about using shiny gadgets, partly social and mostly about joining a group of like minded people with a common idea of bettering yourself. If they are your kind of people go for it.
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