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silence is deadlines

Can't say I'm very impressed with Oxford Tubes wireless so far, although I suppose I might be on the bus where it doesn't work very well. First wireless hotspot of the day -- eta in Glasgow is 4.25pm, where I might find another wireless spot, Lochgilphead 8.30pm where I really won't.

I've been away from Livejournal for a few days but not for any bad reasons; mostly, I'm spending every waking hour bent over my latest light table cludge (a poster display scavenged from a skip outside a shop over a low-energy lightbulb wrapped in modelling mesh) finishing the story of the Rt. Hon Jonathon Harding's trip to the mysterious east. For the trip up north (where careful inking would be compromised by lurching) I have the considerably shorter "Private Show" to block out.

In the spaces between drawing I have;
  • been to Liban only to discover that the belly dancers were on their easter holiday
  • eaten sea trout and found it to be a rather strange colour
  • gone by accident to a pub called The Seven Stars which appeared to be showing cut-n-paste Eastenders (although perhaps it just looks like that nowadays) while a man in a black shiny waistcoat with silver stars made random sexist pronouncements which were challenged by his thinner friend in a sort of call-and-response display which seemed directed at the woman who was with them
  • seen To my Boy live in the Fleece, where Debra sent me to the bar with requests for strange things (tea, sweets) allowing me to sigh theatrically and act like it was a big favour to buy beer from them
  • Watered my garden (already showing green shoots in the new wildflower area) while muttering darkly about April showers
  • Watched Dr Who and squealed about kittens entirely more times than is healthy.
P.S. Needle felted totoro and my little pony. Evidence suggests that needle felting is the new knitting.


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16th Apr, 2007 11:19 (UTC)
Thanks for referencing our weekend craft activities ;) Did you also marvel at the tigerprint beanbag made at the same time? (Who says blokes can't do creative sewing projects from scratch!)
19th Apr, 2007 23:02 (UTC)
I'm more of a toy type to be honest. Loved your wee totoros!
20th Apr, 2007 08:17 (UTC)
Toys are good (we have rooms full of them..)
The totoro was made by my friend squirrel_dreams - I was very impressed given it was her first attempt at needlefelting!
16th Apr, 2007 11:51 (UTC)
Yeah, I've found the oxTube wireless pretty unreliable too :( Also, I need to water my garden as metcheck says unless we get some this afternoon there's no rain forcast until next Sunday. Sigh.
16th Apr, 2007 12:39 (UTC)
Oooh I forgot about your visit. If you want to meet in the city centre for a beverage, my number is 07737 552 711. If you are too sweaty and harassed, don't worry bout it.
19th Apr, 2007 23:03 (UTC)
Alas, I think I got this message too late. Bum.
16th Apr, 2007 19:55 (UTC)
OOh ,your story sounds exciting! I can't wait to read it.
17th Apr, 2007 10:08 (UTC)
I have no idea what needle felting is. However, if it can be used to create things as terrifying as that pony, it must be stopped.

-- tom
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