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shiny shoes of disco

Well, birthday o'clock seemed to be a success, considering that it happened at (ouchies) 6.30am. The silver shoes I got timscience seemed to go down well -- I came back from scavenging for coffee and fruity toast to find him singing the shiny shoes of disco song. Tune-wise, it seemed to be a mash-up of "sing me spanish techno" and "shiny boots of leather" with the lyrics, "shiny shiny shiny shiny shiny shiny shiny shiny shoes of disco". It's a masterpiece!

Ah yes -- this week's strip. It's another guestie, this time by the lovely badasstronaut. I can't quite remember when I did first meet her, so she's probably right, although I'm fairly sure I don't know any riverside pubs run by mexican wrestlers. If I did I'd be down there all the time...

detail - when I met jeremy dennis

P.S. We got our punt passes* from QI and got to geek overthe cashier's brand new macbook at lunch. So! Shiny!

* A gig ticket. Speaking of which, I'm on stage tomorrow at the Wheatsheaf (Oxford), shouting about dinosaurs and barbies for Space Heroes of the People (theirspace). Just so you know.

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