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random mutated aquilegia

In record time, I finished the basic toon for relationships. It helps that unlike law, it's an easy concept to produce a positive image for. Unfortunately, all my positivity has evaporated, gone who-knows-where. On the very day that it looks like I might finally be rid of my office mate. Too f***ing late. The downswing that started by having my sexual identity questioned by some random drunk old fart in the street (he dropped his cane, I picked it up, it turned out to be his standard pick-up move -- never, ever, be a good samaritan) continues apace, and all the things I do (photograph the Aquilegia, menace friends with the Holga, drink, eat, sleep) aren't cheering me up. The garden is full of catshit, my friends don't like flash in their eyes, there isn't any nice beer on, the bread is stale, and my dreams want me to stay, and turn ugly when I try to wake up. Glag. My throat hurts. Where's my sense of proportion?

Bab's stupid question of the day: "what server uses a fish?"

My favourite statement of the day: "Barbara, you're singing"

Her favourite statement of the day: "oh, weird, that, isn't it?"


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8th May, 2002 12:27 (UTC)
my dreams want me to stay, and turn ugly when I try to wake up

Tammy, Ed, and myself were all woken by bad dreams last night. Is there something in the atmosphere I wonder...
8th May, 2002 15:29 (UTC)
We still love ya

I dunnon if electronic LiveJournal huggies'll work, but have some anyway.
8th May, 2002 16:29 (UTC)
Re: We still love ya
Thank you. They work OK.
9th May, 2002 00:59 (UTC)
I like the Holga - it reminds me of Dad's old camera. Come round on Friday and take piccies of Cassie with it.
9th May, 2002 02:23 (UTC)
I'm out with workmates friday
Not (needless to say) the smelly one. And anyway, the flash would scare the poor kitty half to death! Daytime sometime might be better?
9th May, 2002 02:30 (UTC)
Re: I'm out with workmates friday
Fair enough. Perhaps a Sunday lunch followed by photos or something. I'll get you eventually :)
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