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I'm mad, me

... but I have excellent teeth! My dentist told me to go away and not come back again. And then seemed compelled to engage me in chit-chat. He also described my jaw movement as very smooth, to which I can only say yay physio. My jaw is now better than it was before -- what did he say? The headpress incident! Brilliant.

Why am I mad? Because I'm considering heading down to the Reading Beer and Cider Festival after work on Thursday. It's the quiet, serious day, with many beers but no music, dancing or children, costs £4 to get in (plus glass cover I presume) and is right next to the station. Cheap day return is £9.40, and it's what, 25 minutes up the line? It also goes on over the weekend (I think the uitlander is there on Sat) but my weekend is already rather full of psapp and rehearsals, and about to be complicated further by the arrival of a somewhat delayed greenhouse.

More notes:

One of my artistic aims for this year is setting things in resin. I'm thinking something along the lines of this rather lovely bird pendant. Does anyone know how messy and stinky this is likely to be or have any other advice?

One for timscience! DIY music box allows you to punch out your own tune. Which leaves only one question. Valentina or Barbie?

Right. Nose. Grindstone.

P.S. Down the Zodiac tonight for the Wombats, the Evenings, etc.


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1st May, 2007 15:29 (UTC)
Tiranti's in London does resin casting stuff - but you're right it is pretty smelly and nasty unfortunately :(
1st May, 2007 22:28 (UTC)
Tiranti's also have a warehouse unit in Thatcham which does retail sales. Open on Saturday mornings and very, very helpful if you need to ask about stuff. I have used them for years, having first been pointed at them by the Natural History Museum in London when I was doing my DPhil.
1st May, 2007 15:36 (UTC)
Emma Caton does this, she teaches classes in Bristol in it. It's pretty stinky and messy, but the results are amazing
1st May, 2007 15:44 (UTC)
wow! gorgeous!
Especially the sculpture!

Might be worth seeing if I can find some classes closer to home maybe though ...
1st May, 2007 15:45 (UTC)
Re: wow! gorgeous!
Yes, she installed some tiles in the pavement outside the shop last year. Me and her have been talking about collaborating for years now- never seem to get round to it!
1st May, 2007 15:49 (UTC)
What do you want to set in resin?
1st May, 2007 16:00 (UTC)
Re: hmmm
Well it was going to be a bit of fur from Bernard (rip) but Emma is interested in working with me for my sewing 'skills' and general arty farty ness.
1st May, 2007 16:10 (UTC)
alas, poor bernard...
Initially I was thinking about things to do with the bits of rubbish I pick up all over oxford (mostly broken earrings) but I'm thinking now about setting tiny comics panels in resin (and it would probably be easier for a first go!)
1st May, 2007 16:19 (UTC)
Re: alas, poor bernard...
That would be awesome! Both ideas would be good, but I think tiny comics panels would rule- you could make whole necklaces that tell a story.
1st May, 2007 17:38 (UTC)
Re: alas, poor bernard...
I was looking at brooches and enckalces recently in a Brighton shop named Appendage which had old sewing needles, buttons, and their packets, plus postage stamps in...resin? Maybe something clearer than that - why does the word 'epoxy' spring to mind? They were lovely, but I couldn't find one that was 'just right'.
1st May, 2007 18:12 (UTC)
Wow! I soooo WANT.

Resin butterfly...mmmmm. Mythical creature in crystal ball...... ooooooooH.
1st May, 2007 15:41 (UTC)
music box
Probably Barbie. It's more melodic.
1st May, 2007 22:31 (UTC)
I could be dragged out on Thursday evening if people I know wish to be there. I'm also quite keen on the Saturday, as I don't have to go to work the next day. Not sure about glasses, they may be included in admission, or available on a 'deposit' basis at extra cost - they've done both options in previous years.
2nd May, 2007 19:35 (UTC)
beer thing
At this point in time I am certainly intending going but not sure if I can drag others yet. Numbers working in town centre now being limited ands not everyone being into beer and that, I'm currently trying to convince Mr Snips and Oxfordslacker that this is a really good idea but so far only have um maybes.
2nd May, 2007 19:46 (UTC)
Re: beer thing
Well I'm happy settling for thee and me on a Thursday evening, although moderation will be required as there will be work the next day. Thursday is usually a quieter evening. Call me on 0779-9881532 to confirm if you're there or not. My default setting will be to head home that evening, and come back into town if anyone else is heading that way. I may be able to pick up a stray grumblesmurf on the way, but that will be entirely dictated by wind direction, phases of the moon, event diary at his game shop and whether there's an 'R' in the month.
2nd May, 2007 21:04 (UTC)
Re: beer thing
Sounds like a plan! My stomach's a bit whrr tonight but I think it'll be better for tomorrow.
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