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injected rum "strawberry daquiris"

injected strawberry daquiri
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.

Ian truecatechresis brought syringes to the BBQ on Monday so we could try out Tom's idea about injecting fruit with spirits to make small solid cocktails. Pleased to report complete success. Creamy, dreamy, comedic and delicious. There are some other photos; if you click through and hit, uh, "next" I think (-- no, make that "more" -- yay Flickr) you can see Ian shooting up the strawberry, the cream syringe (yes, rather disgusting) and a cherry tomato being filled with vodka + worcester to make an injected bloody mary. Not a patch on the daquiri IMO, although next time we could probably do with a slightly less solid cream.

In other news, Darth Vader's had a hard day.


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9th May, 2007 11:40 (UTC)
Those squid look really cool.
9th May, 2007 11:48 (UTC)
What a genius idea! It's reminded me of that thing people used to do with watermelons. You bore some holes in the top of the watermelon fill it up with vodka, freeze it and then cut into lovely potent slices.
9th May, 2007 12:49 (UTC)
OOooh, that does sound yummy.
10th May, 2007 00:17 (UTC)
I continue to be shocked and appalled that there are people who do not already know about vodka watermelons. This is like never having eg seen the moon.

For the record, they're even better with tequila or white rum.

-- tom
10th May, 2007 10:27 (UTC)
I'm not sure I could fit a watermelon in my freezer. Maybe a small one.
9th May, 2007 13:58 (UTC)
That is very cool and I will be trying it at a birthday party.
9th May, 2007 14:43 (UTC)
And as Truecatachresis's T shirt in the picture says - It's fun use learnng for evil.
10th May, 2007 00:22 (UTC)
Also for the record, this was not my idea. The account of the unbloodied Bloody Mary (tomato injected with vodka and Worcestershire sauce) was related to us as historical fact by someone at the Sci Fi London quiz-winners' picnic; think it might have been Nutty, else it was Ian. This swiftly led to the idea of other cocktails, but i was too busy trying to work out how to inject rum into mint leaves to make a mojito to come up with the fruit injection. I think this may have been Ruth's idea, in fact.

I did supply the syringes, though.

-- tom
(Deleted comment)
10th May, 2007 10:54 (UTC)
ours were obtained from a friend
who works in a lab.
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