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I modded the pig slinger

home made squid projectiles
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.

That blue weaponish thing, there, that's a Pig catapult, which someone bought me oh quite a few years ago now.

Last night I made some tiny pipecleaner squidlets, and it's now a squid flinger. Of course, it's always had the potential to project other things from its capacious barrel (or bucket, more correctly) -- in fact you may have seen during the annual ordeal that is office secret santa its sister toys the Boss Toss, Nun Chuck or Cat-a-pult, all of which make a lot more sense than a pig catapult. But hey.

Anyway, I had a great reason for making a squid slinger which has, on consideration, turned out to be a very silly idea indeed. But that's what comes of having arguments about whether a Crocodilian could take a Pteranosaur in a fight while excitably full of daquiris made by the method described in the previous post. Stupid ideas. Still, I got a squid flinger out of it, so I'm happy.

Oh, I also made a small green pipecleaner dinosaur. Hey, T-rex....


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9th May, 2007 16:49 (UTC)
Darn! I had one of those flingers-- it was a chicken flinger. But I was only interested in the chickens so I tossed the flinger. It could have been fun.
10th May, 2007 13:25 (UTC)
Can get you another if you want, they're selling devil duck chuckers, bride toss and boss toss in Borders ATM (probably a few more, too).
10th May, 2007 13:37 (UTC)
Oh that's okay, I'm sure they're readily available on this side of the pond. :-) but thanks.
9th May, 2007 17:19 (UTC)
yr little squids are v.cute...
10th May, 2007 13:26 (UTC)
Yeah, it's amazing what putting eyes on something will do ...
9th May, 2007 19:19 (UTC)
Borders in Solihull had duck and chicken catapults yesterday afternoon.
10th May, 2007 00:23 (UTC)
It has a bucket.

-- tom
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