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oh, and....

more time! more time!
more time! more time!
Yes it is a weekly strip


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10th May, 2007 18:33 (UTC)
Tell me about it!
10th May, 2007 20:34 (UTC)
Mmm, you have an enviable line JD, I love it.
And I empathise with the subject matter.

On a related note, last night I downloaded your pages. They look gorgeous. I haven't read them yet as they were enormous and I guess I need to shrink them in photoshop.
I did however, put your, mine and Ellens strips in a desktop folder! And then it was time for bed.

11th May, 2007 13:28 (UTC)
They're print-resolution (600 dpi) which gets translated into huge size by a lot of ways of viewing the files. Masses of pixels, but just an ordinary print size -- in fact, printing them out may be the easiest way to view them (although it may take a while).
11th May, 2007 17:52 (UTC)
I didn't know that! I will print them! I was going to print them to read them first (the proper way) but I thought I'd have to resize 'em first. Tahnks Jeremy, have a lovely weekend.
11th May, 2007 02:56 (UTC)
Good to see I'm not the only person who gets sack-truck envy.
11th May, 2007 13:25 (UTC)
that's me,
tapping into universals you never knew existed
11th May, 2007 09:19 (UTC)
I like this one a lot.

Just to give you another "to do" thing - when are we going to get "The Weekly Strip" in a big book thing please?
11th May, 2007 17:54 (UTC)
Yes, for god's sake, I second that motion ten times with bells on. I can see Bloosbury books for you somehow. They're tryingto publish more comic books you know?
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