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Look! crocheted penises. For the ladies and the crafters and the people who like penises. Or crochet. He uses beads!

Rocket Cat comes from the steampunk stars! Poke around a bit on that site to find atomic duelling pistols, samurai armour for your cat and a gladatorial armour set for a mouse. Cute but rather strange.

Those going to Glastonbury beware! Of giant mutant earthworms!

And because people keep on telling me they haven't heard it yet The Cat Macros Song although I deeply regret posting that and am, of course, ashamed.

Also GIG! last night I saw Shy Child who actually made an Oxford audience dance like maniacs, Luxembourg who look like marvellous Indie pop cartoons and all have amazing hair (don't tell me it isn't important) and 100 Bullets Back who are electro retro and have their downloads activated!

Hahaha. Must go be intellectual now. Later.


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23rd May, 2007 18:22 (UTC)
and right back at you, in case you haven't seen it yet: rocketosaurus. only the first two pages are up so far.
23rd May, 2007 20:34 (UTC)
Wow! That Rocket Cat website is inspiring!

I rather would have liked to see the armour on real cats though, or fake stuffed ones or summat.
24th May, 2007 07:35 (UTC)
I think you would have to have a quite heavily sedated cat.

I don't know, I kind of liked it. Looks sort of museumy.
23rd May, 2007 21:19 (UTC)
Following up our conv in which you mentioned Luxembourg - yes, of course I know them, it's thedavidx's band. At which point I feel a) slightly stupid and b) cross I didn't know they were on in Oxford. Ah well, can't catch them all.

Thank you for coming with me to the Marina Warner lecture - much better with two. x
24th May, 2007 07:34 (UTC)
!!! of course
Knew I'd seen him someplace. They really did have awesome hair, though -- BARNETPOWER in full flow ... flick?

Marina Warner lecture = well cool. I was tempted to cheer some of the more exciting metaphors but felt it might not be appropriate. Maybe yell for an encore or an old favourite: "Marina! Do us Indigo!"
23rd May, 2007 23:06 (UTC)
Those penises really ROCK!
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