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this week's strip : theives of sleep

I had this week's strip ready to post at 8.30am this morning. Livejournal, however, was having none of it. It seems to be increasingly and aggravatingly inclined to hang and stutter at the moment. In fact, a lot of sites seem to be. I have this mental image of the internet slowly disappearing under under a sludging torrent of bot-created comment spam, with all the big sites jutting out at crazy angles, like church spires after a mudslide, and all the little sites skittering around like coracles and flotsam, floating or sinking according to the will of the maelstrom.

theives of sleep detail

Bad dreams and tired mornings seem to be my stock in trade at the moment. But what strikes me is just how tired all the childen look on the dispiriting occasions I end up on the school run bus. I started looking at babies, and even they look knackered. Where is all our sleep going to?

In other news, Modern Art Oxford has a show on at the moment that "invites broader reflection on the idea of ownership in general", apparently. I found it rather annoying -- it makes poor use of the space, apart from anything else (I won't rant here). Except for the chocolate mirror balls, which are brilliant. According to the menu, they're referencing Warhol; I recommend standing under them and trying to identify the chocolate type by smell. Caution, they're easy to miss, as they've been tucked in the shadows over the viewing point for the video art in the downstairs room.

"Chocolate mirror ball" ought to mean something. It ought to be in everyday usage, "Love, you're about as reflective as a chocolate mirror ball."


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25th May, 2007 11:23 (UTC)
Oh, the colouring is beautiful. I'd only seen the black and white......

25th May, 2007 11:27 (UTC)
Mm yeah. I probably forgot to mention that the pigs in the dream all had blue eye make-up, didn't I?
25th May, 2007 12:01 (UTC)
Is that what happens when pig slaves achieve self efficacy?
25th May, 2007 12:13 (UTC)
I blame cat macros, myself.
25th May, 2007 12:20 (UTC)
*resisting the urge to get all gushy and fan-ish again and say "Jeremy Dennis I love your work SO MUCH you are a GENIUS! sod William Blake, you're where it's AT!"*

*but then caving in but trying to put a humourous twist on it*

I've been having problems with LJ too. Never mind global warming - one day we'll wake up and the internet will have died. Probably just at the point when we've all downloaded ourselves and the whole world into it...
25th May, 2007 12:53 (UTC)
Chortle; love the alien trotters.
25th May, 2007 17:24 (UTC)
Pig-Headed Aliens?
According to my Monster Manual those are Gnolls, I think. Definitely not the dog-faced Kobolds. ;-)
25th May, 2007 19:12 (UTC)
Of course, as a mother, the tired baby bit resonates with me. I'd much rather blame it on the aliens than myself.

What does a chocolate mirror ball look like?
26th May, 2007 19:07 (UTC)
brown, kind of dull
I initially thought that they were made of 70s formica or some form of floor tile.
26th May, 2007 10:51 (UTC)
Can I ask you about the QZ newsletter?
Hi Jeremy
I hope this is the best way to get in touch with you (beautiful site by the way!)

I writing a chapter on riot grrrl zines in the Uk for a book which is coming out this summer by Blackdog. I've been trying to unearth some of the history and stories from the early 1990s and I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about your QZ listings.

My email is rchidgey@googlemail.com

I'm a bit of a zine nut, actually, and would also like to talk to you about the possibility of archiving the newsletters (and your comics if you's like) in the Women's Library Zine Collection.

OK, drop me a line! What I'm interested in is

1. What was the zine scene like in the early 1990s?
2. Was there a "queercore" zine scene?
3. What relationship, if any, riot grrrl had to the fringe lit/zines/comic community

Hope to hear from ya,
Red xx
26th May, 2007 19:43 (UTC)
Re: Can I ask you about the QZ newsletter?
Yes, this is fine for getting in touch. I've sent you an email about some of this stuff

xx J
31st May, 2007 09:21 (UTC)
Shouldn’t that be ‘thieves of sleep’?
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