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friday afternoon distractions

There is an artist's statement but I'm afraid I just skipped it for the gallery of French people passionately kissing themselves with just a little help from mr photoshop. Of variable work-safeness.

Turn off sound first when you're visiting the Housewife's Tarot, or you will disturb the room with little domestic sounds. Be sure to check out the recipes for hilarious 50s clip-art funnies. Presumably quite old because it's so damn tiny!


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8th Jun, 2007 14:13 (UTC)
hello, the selfkiss photos are h0tt. thanks for the link!
11th Jun, 2007 09:33 (UTC)
8th Jun, 2007 14:18 (UTC)
I love the self-kissing portraits. Some of them are sexy. Some are sweet. Some are menacing, or kind of uncomfortable to look at. And it tells me a lot about my own reactions to things.

I'm totally pushing that link in my journal. Cheers!
8th Jun, 2007 16:30 (UTC)
Grud bless photoshop! What excellent photos. I rather liked the fact that there was a variety of forms and ages depicted. Media doesn't often let you see crusty old blokes snogging. Not that I especially want to see crusty old blokes snogging, but the unexpected subjects made me look twice and tickled me just for being a departure from the sanitized media norm.

9th Jun, 2007 07:04 (UTC)
Me too! My favourite shot was the butch boxer(s) -- narcissism, not just for the conventionally young and pretty
9th Jun, 2007 10:27 (UTC)
"gallery of French people passionately kissing themselves"

Is it the way my head works or is it only a matter of time before people start posting self fuck images?

Maybe they have already done it...
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