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More swishy dinosaurs! This is the latest mad dinosaur to come out of China, a Gigantoraptor erlianensis. "It belongs to a very unusual group of theropod dinosaurs, which are normally meat-eaters. But this one doesn't have any teeth, so what it ate is a mystery," comments Dr Paul Barrett, a dinosaur researcher from the Natural History Museum in London, UK.

My guess is a light salad and a glass of pinot grigio.

I'm name hunting today, which means finding out what sort of people name themselves after services or places. Right now, I'm listening to the oxfordshire on myspace. They're from Des Moines, Iowa, where "oxfordshire" presumably sounds strange and exotic. Haven't decided on anything yet, but have noted that "connexions" is one of those names with unfortunate associations.

Re title: Advice needed on going to New York (or even specifically to MOCCA), please. I've not got around to sorting it out yet, but hm could it be done?


15th Jun, 2007 14:56 (UTC)
Oh no!
She is away that weekend. Well I think I shall send her sweets anyway. Not creme eggs, though -- gak!
15th Jun, 2007 15:31 (UTC)
Re: Oh no!
Friend James says that if it comes to absolute go-or-no-go you could stay at his - but a) he is in Harlem - a tube ride away and b) he has very little furniture and quite hard floors. Has Sharyn not got any suggestions of people she knows in NYC?
15th Jun, 2007 16:10 (UTC)
Re: Oh no!
She's put the call out. I'm sure I can figure something out, but it would have been nice to see Sharyn!
15th Jun, 2007 16:17 (UTC)
Re: Oh no!
O'course... So you're pretty much going, then?
15th Jun, 2007 16:28 (UTC)
I cannot confirm or deny that at this stage ...