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the time to get into things was then, not now

I hate all this youth stuff. Everywhere I look there's help and advice and fabulous opportunities available to people under 18, 16, 25 ... sod the disaffected youth, where are all the opportunities for despondent 30 year olds? And where was it when I was that age? Somewhere else, clearly. You only find out things when it's too late for them to do you any good.

Damn. I have a cold, a headache, and it feels like a thick grey band of stuff is moving slowly through my head. "How are you doing?" asked burn-out Mel as she passed me in the corridoor. "OK," I croaked, shuffling back to my room. As I opened the door, I realised that as I had walked off down the corridoor I was made that little coughing sound people make in films to signify that they're terminally ill. What a ham.

I wish I were in bed, but I have another review scheduled for this evening (Rhinocerous by Peepolykus). It's for the best. The worst thing to do is stop moving.
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